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Purpose of the 'bounce' is to hit the ceiling...a difficult feat! These guys FLYYYYYY - hence Red Bull gives you wings!

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(Skip to end of deck for 2017 Bounce Contest video)

Current major event sponsors:


The Toronto and Calgary Premier Leagues will attract thousands of sports enthusiasts from local and surrounding communities, along with hundreds of participating elite athletes, and reach hundreds of thousands of interested people for two months of entertainment this summer. 

As the presenting sponsor, Red Bull can capitalize on the community atmosphere and phenomenal growth of these premier sporting events.

The Premier League was launched in 2017 in Toronto as the first step in establishing professional indoor volleyball in Canada. We provide professional competition for elite volleyball athletes across Canada, while supporting the growth and availability of post-secondary competition and opportunities.

Through this mission we are working closely with our National (NSO) and Provincial (PSO) sport body partners to create influence on a national scale.

League Format

Athletes are selected to teams through an annual Athlete Draft (see video above), our most exciting and anticipated event of the year.

Calgary + Toronto

Four men’s and four women’s volleyball teams compete twice against each other over the course of six league nights in June and July. Following regular season competition, teams face off in semi-final playoff matches, followed by the Premier Cup Finals and Canada Cup Finals.

Athletes do not pay to compete in the Premier League. All teams are owned by private owners. Each League has a pool of prize money awarded to athletes in a semi-final or finals win. Our goal is seed a prize purse large enough to award contracts to our top players.

Each league attracts 300-450 spectators each night. Our 2019 goal for Toronto is 500-1,000 each night. Our max capacity in our Calgary location is 500 which was almost sold out each night in 2018.

Toronto Premier Cup Finals MVP’s pose with Lionel from Boston Pizza with their Player of the Game pizza cards.

Take Red Bull’s Xtreme sport focus to the next level with our community based Xtremely professional sporting events!

In this brief:

1. Red Bull Exposure

2. What can we do for you?

3. 2018 Actual & 2019 Expected Reach

4. Red Bull Activations


We can create impactful branding opportunities for thousands of fans

Red Bull Exposure

2019 Unique Exposure Opportunities with partners*:

2019 Ontario Volleyball Championships (March)

  • 80,000 coaches, parents and youth from all over Ontario go through this event over 4 weekends

  • ONE will have a booth in the vendor hall, print materials around the facility plus court-side signage on the show court where we will also be hosting live-streamed Toronto Premier League showcase matches. We also run numerous promotions throughout all the events.

2019 Alberta Volleyball Championships (April)

  • 40,000 coaches, parents and youth from all over Alberta

  • ONE will have a booth in vendor hall

  • Calgary Premier League showcase match TBD

2019 National Volleyball Championships (May)

  • 50,000 coaches, parents and youth from all over Canada

  • Two locations, Toronto and Edmonton

  • ONE will have a booth in vendor halls & promotional League Showcase match in main hall

  • Showcase match TBD based on court availability

*Given the age group for these events is 10-18 years of age, we would not be activating Red Bull at these events, however visibility would be in our booth and on our backwall.

2019 Exposure Opportunities with Premier Leagues:

Boston Pizza is the official hang-out spot before and after games which includes Premier League food and drink specials - ie. Red Bull and Vodka / Jager Bombs
Red Bull Activation at Athlete Draft

Event visibility:
Court-side signage - Red Bull expense
Co-branded media backwall for on-site promotions
Shared player grand entrance feather banners on court with
Co-branded ref stands (ie. Title sponsor and presenting)
Logo on all team wear provided by our jersey partner
Speaking Opportunities: Athlete Draft Night
Logo on tickets, passes and e-tickets
In-Game Promos
Option to provide exclusive offers for spectators
Reserved VIP Seats for all Premier League matches
Red Bull staff / friends / family discount code for tickets

Online Visibility
Press release - League announcement
Logo on website sponsor board
Social media posts /mentions / backlinks
Logo on all highlight / league footage videos - secondary to Title Sponsor

Email Backlink: Ad in league email marketing
Premium advertising spot on league website
Court-side signage
Souvenir Program - full page colour ad


What can we do for you?

Create waves with one of the fastest growing and highly recognized elite Volleyball brands in Canada, and bring Red Bull Energy to our events and socials.  

Premier League 2018 MVP - Steve Hunt, currently on his 5th professional contract, in France.

ONE Volleyball Growth Model:

Year 1 - 2017
Inaugural season of the Premier League
Year 1 reach: 1,000,000 +

Year 2 - 2018
Increased media presence with local TV and newspaper
Increased prize purse of Toronto Premier League to $10,000
Expanded Premier League to one Calgary, Alberta
Year 2 reach: 1,500,000 +

Year 3 - 2019
Increase media presence with local and national TV and newspaper
Increase prize purse of Premier Leagues to $20,000 each
Create an east-west Canada play-off, televise locally in both provinces
Year 3 expected reach: 2,000,000 +

Year 4 - 2020
Expand Premier League to British Columbia
Continue exposure locally and nationally
Increase prize purse of Leagues to $30,000 each
Year 4 expected reach: 2,500,000 +

Year 5 - 2021
Expand Premier League to Manitoba
Continue exposure locally and nationally
Increase prize purse of Leagues to $40,000 each
Year 4 expected reach: 3,000,000 +

2018 ACTUAL League REACH

150,000 views on league website page in three months (+45K from 2017)
350,000 reached through social (facebook & insta)
30,000 live-stream views
Foot traffic in both provinces: total 4,000


We have an active presence with our sport body partners, with both a booth and on-site activities and promotions:

10,000 attendees at Volleyball Alberta Championships
80,000 attendees at Ontario Volleyball Championships
50,000 attendees at National Championships

2019 EXPECTED league REACH

200,000 views on league website page
1,000,000 + reached through social media
50,000 video views
Foot traffic in both provinces: total 7,000


10,000 attendees at Volleyball Alberta Championships
80,000 attendees at Ontario Volleyball Championships
50,000 attendees at National Championships

Red Bull Activations

Red Bull Premier League mashup can

Red Bull Premier League mashup can

Sample ID Tag

Sample ID Tag

Sample lanyard

Sample lanyard

Boston Pizza activation sample: Pizza making contest: in-game activations in Toronto

Boston Pizza activation sample: Pizza making contest: in-game activations in Toronto

League Nights

  • On-court promotions led by our interns and volunteer staff - give away product, special offers

  • Mid-game advertising announcements by host

  • Wings of the Game award - best defensive save (typically athletes usually dive to save/dig a ball) or play of the night (ie. back row attack where an athlete literally FLIES over the attack line)

Opening Night

  • Celebrity match includes local celebrities (Toronto example) such as:

    • Miss Universe Canada

    • TSN Announcer

    • CP24 news anchor

    • ATP Tennis Professionals

    • Raptor or Maple Leaf

  • 10 minute match that mixes our professional volleyball athletes with the celebrities to increase media attention

  • VIP hospitality services

  • Season's pass & Red Bull gift to all celebrity guests includes media photo op


Boston Pizza Athlete Draft

  • Closed draft - which happens 2 nights prior - determines which athletes are selected to what teams

  • Athlete Draft - The media event that launches the League into action and announces which athletes are on what teams

  • All drafted athletes, coaches and team owners attend

  • Athlete and coach League accreditation is handed out - co-branded passes and lanyards with Title Sponsor

  • Local media invited to attend

  • Event is live-streamed across Canada

  • Professional DJ

  • Location: Boston Pizza Yonge and Gerrard

Toronto and Calgary Premier Cup Finals

And Red Bull Gives you Wings Bounce Contest

  • The pinnacle of the summer's entertainment, the Premier Cup Finals has the highest attendance

  • Features the women's final followed by the Red Bull Bounce Contest, followed by the men's final

  • Bounce contest - mid game entertainment - went viral (skip to 10:00 for winning bounce)

  • Various videos and angles total views exceed 1,000,000 on social media and youtube

  • Purpose of the 'bounce' is to hit the ceiling...a difficult feat! These guys FLYYYYYY - hence the tie in to Red Bull gives you wings!

  • Guest judges include members of the Men's Canadian National team

    • Red Bull '10' cards for Guest judges (see video)

  • Budget required to fly in the right athletes to make this event a huge success

Canada Cup Finals

July 20 + 21st, 2019
Calgary vs. Toronto
@ Edmonton Volleyfest - FIVB World Beach Tour event and Volleyball Festival
Activations TBD as we plan the event - stay TUNED!