Post Match Recap - Round Four of the Calgary Premier League


Trolley 5 HITT Venom (3-1) 3-1 Cold Garden Tropikills (0-4)


MVPs: Tasha Holness, Kirsten Struksness

         The Trolley 5 Venom, after dropping a close 5-set loss to JVC Reign last weekend, placed themselves firmly in the upper half of the league last night as they defeated the still winless Cold Garden Tropikills.

         Cold Garden came out of the gate swinging, going up by as many as ten points early on and dominating the first set. Amanda Moppet-Beatch, Jamie Thibeault and Victoria Dakin each found a lot of success on offense, with Kirsten Struksness stepping in to distribute the ball in place of Cold Garden’s usual starter Abby Spratt. An abnormally high number of errors didn’t make things any easier for the Venom, who lost the first set 25-14.

         In a mirrored start to the first, the second set saw Trolley 5 go on a 9-2 run to start things off. Leftsides Tiffany Proudfoot and Alex Donaghy started to heat up, not to mention eventual MVP Tasha Holness finding her groove out of the middle. Down 10-18, Cold Garden pushed to get back into it and made the score 19-22, but Trolley 5 wrapped it up at 25-21 after a Tiffany Proudfoot kill.

         Cold Garden couldn’t find the same fire they had in the first set, as the Venom cruised through the next two sets towards the 4-set victory. Setting for Trolley 5 was Veronica Headley, who found a solid connection with Holness in the middle and ran an offense to widespread for the Tropikills to stop. A tip from Alex Donaghy finished the third set 25-17, sending the teams to what would be a quick fourth set that ended after a Kaleigh Fisk hitting error out of the rightside, 25-18.

         Next Tuesday (July 10th), Cold Garden will go up against the undefeated JVC Reign, and Trolley 5 will face the CMS Crush. With only two rounds left before playoffs begin, every win goes a long way in the standings.

JVC Reign (4-0) 3-1 CMS Crush (1-3)


MVPs: Amanda Bakker, Miranda Dawe

         JVC Reign continued their domination of the Calgary Premier League Women’s Division, beating CMS Crush in four sets with a healthy mixture of players off the bench. Miranda Dawe, the former Red Deer College Queen, had a great night for the Crush, but it wasn’t quite enough to steal a win from Andi Price and the Reign.

         The first set was close the whole way through, each team enjoying the lead for a few points at a time before having it stolen from them. JVC did have a 5-point lead midway through the set, but Crush pushed back to tie it up at 20-20. Down 24-25, Miranda Dawe put the ball into the net as JVC stole the first set in extra points.

         In the second set it was the Crush’s turn to steal a win; up 23-18, they managed to stop a late counterattack by the Reign that brought the score to 23-22, and equalized the set score after a kill from Megan Brennan.

         JVC put their foot on the gas for the rest of the match, as contributions from Andi Price and Skye Thompson did the brunt of the offensive damage while strong serving from Leah Shevkenek gave the Reign big leads in some crucial times. At the end of the third set, Megan Brennan’s serve found the inside of the net and gave JVC a 2-1 lead.

         Reign setter Amanda Bakker, getting the start over Shevkenek this week, ran a tight offense and put the ball in all of the right places to secure their fourth win in as many games. Up 24-21, a missed serve from Taylor Ellis in the final play of the night ended the match after four sets and put the CMS Crush in a difficult spot with only two rounds of regular season play remaining: 1-3, third in the standings.

         Next Tuesday’s games will feature a repeat of the Round 2 matchups: JVC Reign faces Cold Garden and CMS Crush plays Trolley 5. Catch the action in person at the SAIT Campus Centre Gymnasium or head to ONE Volleyball’s Youtube page to watch the live stream.


JVC Timberjacks 3-2 Dinos Volleyball


MVPs: Keaton Strom, Tim Finnigan 

The Dinos and the Timberjacks kicked off Round 4 of league play with a good old five-set battle. Dinos Right Side attacker Tim Finnigan lit it up in set #1 with a few heavy cross shots that the Timberjacks defense couldn’t handle, but Keaton Strom responded promptly with a sharp cut shot to send his opponents into a time-out at 23-22. Alex Bader showcased his hustle on defense, popping up two huge digs with one hand in the back court, but it wasn’t enough as the T-Jacks closed the eventful set off at 29-27.

In set 2, the T-Jacks trailed early on but made their way back into the game with a few crafty tools off the hands of the blockers. Timberjacks setter Jackson Maris provided more momentum for his team with a couple aggressive spin serves that forced his opponents to try and play the ball off the roof. All tied up at 24 Jordan Lantz of the Dinos stepped back to the service line and dished out two difficult float serves to the deep corner that would send the T-Jacks into trouble, but Tommy Lyon ended Lantz’s run by putting a quick 51 attack to the hardwood to get momentum back for his team. Outside Hitter Bader answered back right away with a lethal cut shot, and the Dinos blocking secured them the second set at 27-25.

Set 3 was another close call with the teams competing point-for-point. Keaton Strom put down a pair of hard-driven kills to tie it up at 22-22 and send the teams into a time-out. Dinos Outside hitter Liam Kuppe responded with a hard kill through the seam of the blockers and a crafty half-speed shot down the line, then Tim Finnigan put the finishing touches on the set, blasting a back-row attack through the seam at 25-23.

Timberjacks middle blocker Graham Schmuland kicked off the fourth set with a quick 51 straight past his blocker to the hardwood. The teams battled closely throughout the set, but two aces in a row from Keaton Strom pushed the JVC lead to 23-16. Juan Becerra went on a serving run of his own to cut the gap to a mere two points, but Mac McNicol scored on a fiery right side attack to put an end to the Dinos’ comeback at 25-23.

Set #5 displayed some impressive net play, as Mac McNicol and Sean Tuff each had a massive block to start the set. With the T-Jacks leading at the midway point, Tim Finnigan got another huge block to fuel his team’s fire, but JVC was feeling confident leading the set 11-5. The tables turned quickly as a couple of unforced errors from the Timberjacks let the Dinos back into the game and suddenly it was 13-11, but Schmuland and McNicol each racked up another kill to secure the fifth-set victory for the Timberjacks at 15-11.

Players of the game were Keaton Strom of the JVC Timberjacks and Tim Finnigan of the Dinos. You can catch Round 5 action in the SAIT Gymnasium next Tuesday, July 10! JVC Timberjacks will take on the WM Greenbacks at 6:30 pm, followed by the Smashing Gavels vs. Dinos Volleyball at 8 pm

WM Greenbacks 3-1 Smashing Gavels


MVPs: Maddux Greves , Sam Brisbane

The WM Greenbacks and the Smashing Gavels turned the court into a battlefield on Tuesday night during Round 4 action. Connor Frehlich kicked off set #1 by hammering three heavy spin serves at his opponents to earn 3 aces in a row. Chris Brunet of the Smashing Gavels forced a kill through the hands of the blockers at 22-21, but Greenbacks blocker Nic Dubinsky went down hard with what appeared to be a painful ankle injury. The teams continued to battle closely into extra points, but it was the Greenbacks who took the first set 28-26, finishing with a massive 2-man block on Smashing Gavels middle Godi Gibi.

The Smashing Gavels came back to fight in the second set though, as Samuel Brisbane dished out a beautiful one-handed set to Godi Gibi in the middle for the first point of the set. The Smashing Gavels began the set with a 4-0 run and never looked back, as they took advantage of several unforced errors by the Greenbacks to extend their lead and finish the set 25-19.

Set #3 featured a massive pipe kill from Greenbacks outside hitter Tim Taylor early on, but Quinn Bromley answered with a couple kills to the floor. The Greenbacks took advantage of a free ball to push their opponents to set-point, but the Gavels came back to tie it up at 24-all. The Greenbacks took set #3 26-24 following a miss-hit by Quinn Bromley on the second set-point.

The Greenbacks carried their momentum into the fourth set and played point-for-point with their opponents, but nearing the end of the set, the score swung to favour the Greenbacks and they went on to secure the victory 25-18, as well as the top spot in the Premier One Men’s Division.

Players of the game were Sam Brisbane of the Smashing Gavels and Maddux Greves of the Greenbacks. You can catch both team in action again next week on Tuesday, July 10 in the SAIT Gymnasium! The 6:30 pm match will feature JVC Timberjacks vs. WM Greenbacks, followed by the Smashing Gavels vs. Dinos Volleyball at 8 pm.


Recaps Done by: Brett Ingram and Madyson Kerr