Post Match Recap - Round Five Calgary Premier League


CMS Crush (2-3) 3-2 Trolley 5 HITT Venom (3-2)


MVPs: Olivia Furlan, Tiffany Proudfoot

         CMS Crush, who had only one win prior to this week, stole an important victory from the second place Trolley 5 Venom on Tuesday night with a come-from-behind 5th set victory.

         The first two sets were dominated by the Venom, who won 25-16 and 25-19. A serving run from Venom rightside Janna Ogle sent her team on a 5-0 run to finish the first set, while another unanswered 5 points midway through the second set (this time served by setter Maja Frew) put the Venom up 18-13 and proved to be the difference. Tiff Proudfoot once again was a force to be reckoned with from leftside, showing why she was her team’s first pick in the draft.

         The third set began much the same, Trolley 5 building a substantial lead at 12-18. From this point on, Crush turned on the afterburners and mounted an incredible comeback, going on a 13-2 run to win the set 25-20 after a net touch by Venom middle Tasha Holness.

         Errors on the Trolley 5 side did not make the surging Crush any easier to deal with, as the ladies in grey were firing on all cylinders. Setter Liv Furlan, absent from last week’s match, stepped up to make a serious impact this week, putting her sets in all of the right places to make her hitters look good and keep the momentum on her team’s side. A Venom serve sailed long at 24-20 to send the game to a 5th set.

         The final set stayed close for two-thirds of the allotted points; up by two, CMS pulled away to make the score 14-10 and all but assure their victory. The final point was yet another error by the Venom, as the Crush took it 15-11 to remain in third place.

         CMS picked up 2 points from this 5-set win, as the standings coming up to playoffs on July 24th are almost solidified. Next week they will play Cold Garden in a battle for 3rd/4th seed.

         Trolley 5, one point behind JVC Reign in the standings, will be fighting it out for first seed next Tuesday.

Cold Garden Tropikills (1-4) 3-1 JVC Reign (4-1)

MVPs: Abby Spratt, Jillian Mah

         The previously winless Cold Garden Tropikills found their way into the win column last Tuesday, beating the formerly undefeated JVC Reign in four thrilling sets.

         The teams were neck and neck all through the first set, tied up at 21-21 before Cold Garden took four straight points to win the first set. Jamie Thibeault, usually in the middle for the Tropikills, swung rightside for this match and was a big factor in the team’s success on the attack and block.

         Cold Garden rode that momentum throughout the next set, capitalizing on Reign errors to again win 25-21. Thibeault led her team from the rightside while Tori Dakin and Amanda Moppett-Beatch attacked from leftside, but it was setter Abby Spratt who coordinated the offense well enough to keep JVC on their heels.

         Reign struck back in the fourth set; without starting middle Kylie Willis, leftsides Andi Price and Meaghan Mealey as well as middle Jillian Mah picked up the slack on the attack. Leading 20-18, JVC won 5 unanswered points to win the third set 25-18.

         Cold Garden resumed their quest for victory in the fourth, taking an early 8-4 lead. Spratt also put the Reign in trouble from the end line serving on a long run that put Cold Garden up 17-10, as everything was falling into place for the Tropikills heading into the late stages of the set. Tori Dakin notched the final kill of the match off the hands of the block and down, concluding a commanding 25-16 win of the fourth set.

         Still sitting behind CMS Crush in the standings, the Tropikills will need a win in four sets or less next Tuesday to secure a playoff berth better than 4th seed. Meanwhile, JVC needs a win in any amount of sets against Trolley 5 to solidify their position as first seed before the 24th.


JVC Timberjacks (3-2) 3-0 WM Greenbacks (3-2)


MVPs: Riley Friesen, Savana Walkingbear

         The Timberjacks’ hot streak continued on Tuesday night, dispatching the league-leading Greenbacks in 3 sets. The win brings both teams to 3-2, with the Greenbacks still occupying the top spot and the T-Jacks narrowly in second place.

         The Greenbacks trailed for most of the first set before tying it up at 20 after an ace from Tim Taylor. Missed serves and sideouts kept both teams from pulling away initially, but a tough serve from Keaton Strom gave Riley Friesen an overpass that he put away to win 26-24.

         Trailing by as many as four during the second set, the Timberjacks stormed back to tie the game up at 23-23. From here on out the two teams battled back and forth in a marathon finish, running the score up into the mid-30s before the Timberjacks finally ended things at 35-33.

         Seemingly determined to win this one in straight sets, JVC averaged a 3-point lead throughout the final set, collecting their final point from a Greenbacks bump-set that ricocheted off of the roof and down onto the court.

         Next Tuesday, in the final round of the regular season, the Greenbacks will face off against the Dinos and the Timberjacks will play the Smashing Gavels, each pushing for the coveted first seed going into the playoffs.

Dinos Volleyball (2-3) 3-2 Vogel Smashing Gavels (2-3)


MVPs: Alex Cook, Jackson Brennan

         Despite going down by a set on two occasions, the Dinos clawed their way back for a 16-14, 5th set victory that brought both teams to a 2-3 record. That leaves both squads within one point of each other as well as one point behind the 1st and 2nd place teams.

         After a slow start, the Smashing Gavels leapt out to a 6-point lead after some strong serving by Regan Fathers and blocking by Taylor Arnett. The winning point came from an Alex Bader missed serve, 25-20.

         The Dinos struck back in the second set, led offensively by leftside Tim Finnigan as they tied up the set score and won 25-22. Jon Isaacs, another standout hitter for the Dinos, provided the set-winning kill out of rightside.

         The third set stayed a very close affair, both teams trading sideouts and short runs until the final points, when a combination of Smashing Gavel blocks and Dino errors put the Gavels up 24-20. A kill from Regan Fathers down the line would finish the set, 25-22.

         Down 2-1, and down 18-20 near the end of the fourth set, the Dinos fought to come back and win after a 5-0 run made the score 23-20 in their favour. Hamish Hazelden, heating up on offense after a slow start, finished off the fourth set with a kill from the middle to make it 25-22.

         It wouldn’t feel like a One Volleyball event without at least one 5th set, and the two teams did not disappoint. The scoring went back and forth, bolstered by top-notch performances from just about every player on the floor, as the teams found themselves tied up at 14-14. A missed serve from the Gavels set up match point, and leftside Chris Brunet was stuffed by Dinos middle Sean Tuff to complete the Dinos victory.

         In two crucial matchups next Tuesday, the Dinos (4th) will play the league-leading Greenbacks (1st) for a few much-needed points coming into the playoffs, while the Smashing Gavels (3rd) will play in an almost identical situation against the Timberjacks (2nd). Be sure to watch online if you can’t make it to SAIT yourself!


Recaps by Brent Ingram