Award Winners from 2017 Premier League's #onebash

The incredible inaugural season of the Premier League ended with a bang and the best way to describe it was one big #onelove hug. The end of year #onebash and awards night was held at Dublin Calling in Toronto, and recognized some of the outstanding athletes this year. 

Award winners were selected both by owners and coaches, and were based off individual performances and stats taken throughout the season. 

2017 Award Winners


Best Blocker: Kelly Nyhof - Galaxy
Best Setter: Carla Bradstock - Q2 Sports
Best Libero: Jolande Amoraal - Scarborough Titans
Best Attacker: Stephanie Neville - Galaxy
League MVP: Stephanie Neville - Galaxy

#onelove award: Brooke Lloyd - Unity
Best Cellie: Dianna Craine - Scarborough Titans


Best Blocker: James Battison - Madawaska MadMen
Best Setter: Aleksa Miladonivic - Unity
Best Libero: Erik Mattson - Madawaska MadMen
Best Attacker: Terrell Bramwell - Unity
League MVP: Steve Hunt - Unity

#onelove award: Luke Sim - Unity
Best Pack: Ray Szeto - Madawaska MadMen