ONE Volleyball adapts USAV Libero Serving Rules

Asli Ersozoglu - Q2 Sports

First introduced in the Challenger Series events, the Libero Serving rule has become a staple in ONE Volleyball's programs. The rule was introduced to maximize the use of the players on the limited rosters in the Series. Rosters were originally limited to 8 players to encourage the spread of athletes among teams. The rule was quickly utilized by the players, and not only gave libero's an additional way to impact the game, but to also be on the court defensively for an additional rotation. 

"One of our initiatives as an organization is to be innovative and ensure we are growing the game in unique ways for both our athletes and fans. We adapted the “Libero Serve Rule” from the USAV as we believe it creates more opportunities for all athletes to positively impact the match. We have already seen a huge impact on the service line from our libero's in the first two weeks of the Premier League and are excited to see how this affects key points in matches throughout the season and playoffs!" Says co-founder Jaki Ellis. 

Jolande Amoraal - Scarborough Titans

Bringing the rule into the Premier League was always the intent, and just looking at the stats, the impact these players are having on their teams is huge. The real stat is the number of serves these athletes are going through. While aces are an immediate way to gauge the success of their role as servers, the number of serves shows us the quality, consistency and number of points their team is scoring off that serve.

"Being a libero, I understand the importance of the first contact," Matt McGirr, Unity Volleyball says, "I've always believed consistency is more important than aces. With 3 heavy jump serves already on the team, having a relatively consistent serve with decent pace synergizes well with our aggressive serving strategy. The American Libero serving rule definitely benefits our team and has contributed to our success from the serving line."

Libero service stat leaders:

  • Jolande Amoraal - Titans - 34 serves, 4 aces, 5 errors
  • Matt McGirr - Unity - 33 serves, 2 aces, 6 errors
  • Asli Ersozoglu - Q2 Sports - 17 serves, 1 error
  • Dave Hamilton - ONE - 7 serves, 1 error

Terrel Bramwell leads the league in total number of serves at 39, and total number of aces at 9, with only 6 errors. 


A rotational fault is committed when a Libero serves in a second rotation position in the same set.

a. The Libero may not block or attempt to block.
b. In one rotation, a Libero may serve after replacing the player in position 1.

USAV In one rotation, a Libero can replace the player in position 1 and serve the next rally, even if s/he is already on the court in replacement of another player. In this situation, the Libero does not have to exit the court before replacing the player in position 1, and there does not need to be a completed rally between Libero replacements.