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Bump and Spike

The Ultimate Thursday Throwback

What do short shorts, sideburns, an NBA star, the founder of Motown records and drugs have in common? The International Volleyball Association (IVA). 


The best part about diving into the culture and history of volleyball in North America is that there's never a shortage of stories in this world.

Wilt Chamberlain had a short stint in the IVA

Wilt Chamberlain had a short stint in the IVA

The IVA had a short, but glorious run in the 70's. It was a co-ed league with 2 women playing defence, and no-one rotated positions. They brought in big guns like Wilt Chamberlain who 'wasn't very mobile but could hit a heavy ball' and athletes were happy to 'catch some skin' of their female counterparts when celebrating a big play. One of the teams was owned by Berry Gordy, founder of Motown records. They even had prizes for a 'six-pack' - packing a female opponent in the face - the guy would get a six-pack of beer for his triumph. In it's final year, players earned up to $12,000.

Sounds like a sure thing right? Turns out one of the teams got busted at half time during a game for their involvement in a big drug ring dubbed 'Operation Spike' by the Colorado Organized Crime Strike Force. After that the whole thing just fell apart. 

But the best part is, you'd be surprised how close to home this hits. You don't have to look very far to find former stars of the league in our own backyard. Rumour has it UofT / Premier League team Unity coach Orest Stanko was once a player, along with Papa George (Shermer) of Beach Blast. 

The whole thing oozes the unpredictability and raciness of the 70's and though the IVA is long gone and mostly forgotten, you can catch a glimpse inside this world in the new short by Michael Jacobs. It airs on TSN's 30 sports moments under 30 minutes, and was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival

Watch the trailer below:

Photos provided by former player Peter Stefaniuk from Canada

Award Winners from 2017 Premier League's #onebash

The incredible inaugural season of the Premier League ended with a bang and the best way to describe it was one big #onelove hug. The end of year #onebash and awards night was held at Dublin Calling in Toronto, and recognized some of the outstanding athletes this year. 

Award winners were selected both by owners and coaches, and were based off individual performances and stats taken throughout the season. 

2017 Award Winners


Best Blocker: Kelly Nyhof - Galaxy
Best Setter: Carla Bradstock - Q2 Sports
Best Libero: Jolande Amoraal - Scarborough Titans
Best Attacker: Stephanie Neville - Galaxy
League MVP: Stephanie Neville - Galaxy

#onelove award: Brooke Lloyd - Unity
Best Cellie: Dianna Craine - Scarborough Titans


Best Blocker: James Battison - Madawaska MadMen
Best Setter: Aleksa Miladonivic - Unity
Best Libero: Erik Mattson - Madawaska MadMen
Best Attacker: Terrell Bramwell - Unity
League MVP: Steve Hunt - Unity

#onelove award: Luke Sim - Unity
Best Pack: Ray Szeto - Madawaska MadMen

ONE Volleyball adapts USAV Libero Serving Rules

Asli Ersozoglu - Q2 Sports

First introduced in the Challenger Series events, the Libero Serving rule has become a staple in ONE Volleyball's programs. The rule was introduced to maximize the use of the players on the limited rosters in the Series. Rosters were originally limited to 8 players to encourage the spread of athletes among teams. The rule was quickly utilized by the players, and not only gave libero's an additional way to impact the game, but to also be on the court defensively for an additional rotation. 

"One of our initiatives as an organization is to be innovative and ensure we are growing the game in unique ways for both our athletes and fans. We adapted the “Libero Serve Rule” from the USAV as we believe it creates more opportunities for all athletes to positively impact the match. We have already seen a huge impact on the service line from our libero's in the first two weeks of the Premier League and are excited to see how this affects key points in matches throughout the season and playoffs!" Says co-founder Jaki Ellis. 

Jolande Amoraal - Scarborough Titans

Bringing the rule into the Premier League was always the intent, and just looking at the stats, the impact these players are having on their teams is huge. The real stat is the number of serves these athletes are going through. While aces are an immediate way to gauge the success of their role as servers, the number of serves shows us the quality, consistency and number of points their team is scoring off that serve.

"Being a libero, I understand the importance of the first contact," Matt McGirr, Unity Volleyball says, "I've always believed consistency is more important than aces. With 3 heavy jump serves already on the team, having a relatively consistent serve with decent pace synergizes well with our aggressive serving strategy. The American Libero serving rule definitely benefits our team and has contributed to our success from the serving line."

Libero service stat leaders:

  • Jolande Amoraal - Titans - 34 serves, 4 aces, 5 errors
  • Matt McGirr - Unity - 33 serves, 2 aces, 6 errors
  • Asli Ersozoglu - Q2 Sports - 17 serves, 1 error
  • Dave Hamilton - ONE - 7 serves, 1 error

Terrel Bramwell leads the league in total number of serves at 39, and total number of aces at 9, with only 6 errors. 


A rotational fault is committed when a Libero serves in a second rotation position in the same set.

a. The Libero may not block or attempt to block.
b. In one rotation, a Libero may serve after replacing the player in position 1.

USAV In one rotation, a Libero can replace the player in position 1 and serve the next rally, even if s/he is already on the court in replacement of another player. In this situation, the Libero does not have to exit the court before replacing the player in position 1, and there does not need to be a completed rally between Libero replacements.

Maggie Morrison featured in Chronicle Herald

Former Dalhousie Tigers women’s volleyball player Maggie Morrison is set to compete in the upstart Canadian Premier Volleyball League.

Former Dalhousie Tigers women’s volleyball player Maggie Morrison is set to compete in the upstart Canadian Premier Volleyball League.

June 16, 2017

MAGGIE MORRISON travelled across the world for her dream, so a jaunt out to Toronto hardly seemed like a big deal.

With a five-year career with the Dalhousie Tigers (2005-10) and a one-year professional stint in Italy, the Cape Breton native has criss-crossed her way around the world via her skills at the net.

Now the middle-blocker’s latest spike finds her in southern Ontario, set to compete in the upstart Premier Volleyball League (PVL) — a domestic professional setting for Canadians that includes a modest two-month schedule and four-team league.

The flame is still flickering for the 29-year-old’s individual dream, but greater things could be ahead for the sport in Canada should Morrison sacrifice now, she said.

“Everyone at one point in time has been a part of the conversation of making something more of volleyball within Canada, but no one really stepped up to the plate,” said Morrison, who competes with Galaxy Volleyball against Unity Volleyball, Q Sports and the Scarborough Titans.

“I’m happy to be part of this league but a part of me also wishes I had as much gumption as the two ladies who started this league."

ONE Volleyball launches new App for iOS and Android


On the day of the Premier Volleyball League inaugural matches, ONE Volleyball is proud to announce the launch of its mobile app on both iOS and Android. The App will be a platform that fans around the country can utilize to stay connected with some of the best volleyball in the country.

The App includes latest news, player and ticket information for the Premier League, as well as ONE Volleyball Tournament registration. You can now watch live streams of the matches, being streamed by Source Volleyball Magazine and get live scoring and stats. The App also has a feature for in-game trivia and entertainment.

The App was developed by Make Me an Offer, led by long time volleyball coach, athlete and fan, Parrish Offer. “I really believe in the vision for ONE Volleyball and can’t wait to see the continued growth of the league and volleyball in Canada,” says Offer.

Download Links:



More information:
ONE Volleyball

Make Me an Offer
Parrish Offer –



Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is excited to bring a little madness to the 2017 Premier League with the addition of the Madawaska MadMen - owned by father and son duo Howie and Cole Grossinger.

“Madawaska Volleyball Camp is thrilled to be a part of the inaugural season of ONE Volleyball’s Premier League. Madawaska Volleyball Camp has been a successful and long-standing contributor in helping young people develop their skills and passion for our great sport. It feels only natural to be a part of something that can show young athletes where their hard work can lead.  We are excited for the Madawaska community to get to know the "MADMEN" and support them on their path to success in the Premier League,” says owner Howie Grossinger.

Howie Grossinger has been the co-owner of Madawaska Volleyball Camp for the last 13 years. He was the 2016 OVA Male Coach of the Year and just completed 11 years of club coaching by capturing an 18U Boys National Bronze medal with the Lakeside Volleyball Club in Oakville. 

Cole Grossinger, son to Howie, is completing his degree at Western where he attends the Ivey Business School. Cole played Club for many years and is a former member of the Western Mustangs men's varsity team.

The MadMen are being led by two outstanding CIS coaches, both with success coaching careers and incredible leadership. “We are excited that York Lions Head Coach Mike Wahbi and UofT Varsity Blues Head Coach John Barrett will lead the MADMEN. Mike and John's skills as coaches and leaders are perfect to help our athletes achieve success this summer," Grossinger adds.

John Barrett

John Barrett

John Barrett is one of the most well respected coaches in the country, currently serving as the Head Coach of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues Men's Volleyball Program. John competed at the 1984 Olympic Games and the 1983 Pan Am Games, as well as the 1990 World Championships. John brings 14 seasons of professional volleyball experience from Europe, where he made history as the first volleyball player in the world to exclusively employ the spike serve in every match. John is ecstatic to be part of ONE Volleyball, where the promotion of this sport is at the forefront.

Mike Wahbi

Mike Wahbi

Michael Wahbi has been coaching in the OUA for 11 years. He currently serves as the Head Coach of the York University Lions Men's Volleyball Program and the Director of Waves Volleyball Club. This past season (2016-17) Michael was recognized as the OUA Coach of the Year. Michael is very excited to be part of ONE Volleyball, stating this as an opportunity for our high performance athletes to continue refining their craft and passion for our sport.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. All Premier League matches will be live-streamed by Volleyball Source.

Tickets on sale now, visit for more information.






Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is pleased to introduce Q2 Sports, owned by Michael Albert of Q2 Management, as the latest women’s club to join the 2017 Premier League. Joining Albert is Pat Daniels who will co-coach the team this year. With an extensive coaching background, and a 2017 National gold medal with their girls 18U club team at Pakmen Volleyball, their combined experience is sure to bring home success this season.

Pat Daniels (left) and Mike Albert (right) with their 2017 National Gold Medals

Pat Daniels (left) and Mike Albert (right) with their 2017 National Gold Medals

“The Premier League is an exciting new opportunity for athletes and volleyball fans. I’m looking forward to coaching and promoting the expansion of this league. It’s rewarding to be part of anything related to volleyball growth in Canada. This was my experience coaching Pakmen for many years - witnessing the club increase in size and quality. 

“The Premier League has great potential in positively impacting Elite volleyball in Canada,” owner Michael Albert says.

“I am intrigued by the new Premier League because I believe it works on many levels. First of all, it is an excellent training platform for the professional and varsity athletes during their off-season. Secondly, with the amount of great talent, this will be amazing volleyball for people to watch and maybe even scouts will use it to offer future contracts. And lastly, as a coach in the club system, I know how inspiring it will be to the younger athletes to see some of their coaches competing at this his level. Maybe they will inspire the next wave of Premier League athletes,” Pat Daniels says.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. First match is June 8th at 7:00pm at Ryerson University - Kerr Hall. Tickets go on sale May 23rd, visit for more information.




Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is excited to bring you the latest owner of a women’s team in the 2017 Premier League - the Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club.

“The Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club is excited to get involved in this amazing new initiative for Volleyball in Canada. We believe this will be a fantastic opportunity for our club to learn from elite level athletes. Through the ownership of a ONE Volleyball Premier League Women’s team, the Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club looks to continue their trend of leading the way for Volleyball in Canada,” Club President Blair Mackintosh commented.

“Welcoming our new pro-am women’s team into our family will undoubtedly help grow volleyball in Scarborough, and we look forward to having such an impressive collection of athletes and coaches around our members.”

Dana Cooke (passing)

Dana Cooke (passing)

The Titans have secured Head Coach Dana Cook and Assistant Coach Mandi Doris to lead their team through the inaugural season. Dana Cooke’s experience and mentorship will add tremendous value to this club. She is both an Athletic Hall of Fame inductee at Michigan State University and brings over 20 years of coaching experience to the table.

“I’m a huge advocate for female leaders and coaches in sport, especially as it relates to female athletes and teams,” she says. “The ability to make an impact on a female athlete by being an example myself, is unmatched as a female coach. I'm proud to boast that we are the only entirely female coaching staff in the league and know that both Mandi and myself are beyond excited to work with our Scarborough Titans team,” she says.

Mandi Doris

Mandi Doris

“The opportunity created by ONE Volleyball for elite athletes to supplement experience within their current professional careers and to extend careers is amazing. This will bring more needed exposure for our sport and create some great role models for the club and youth community to look up to. I wish this was around 20 years ago!”

Joining her is Mandi Doris, a member of the Humber College women’s volleyball coaching squad. Doris has been coaching in the OCAA for 6 years, and still holds the OCAA record for most blocks in a single season. “I am super excited to be a part of this ground breaking opportunity. ONE Volleyball’s Premier League has great potential for the future and I can see this as a stepping-stone for the development of a high level volleyball program in our community,” she says.

“For those athletes who often ask ,’What do I do after post-secondary?’ Here is the answer! I look forward to a great season!” Says Doris.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. Tickets go on sale May 23rd, visit for more information.

For more information on Scarborough Titans, visit





Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is pleased to introduce Galaxy Volleyball Club as the latest club to purchase a team in the 2017 Premier League. They come with two experienced coaches, Paul Coderre and Chris Wilkins, who will co-coach Galaxy’s women’s program.

Paul Coderre

Paul Coderre

Paul Coderre comes with 30 years of playing experience and 12 years of coaching experience at the Youth Club level. He was the Region 5 ADP Chair in 2014, and was part of the most successful Ontario Winter Games in Region 5 history - winning a Women’s Gold and Bronze medals, as well as a Men’s Gold medal. Coderre was selected to represent Team Canada’s Deaf National Team at the 2016 Pan Am Games, and 2016 World Games.

“Galaxy Volleyball is excited to own a Premier League Team as it aligns with our goals of growing the sport of volleyball within Toronto and the extended communities. By linking a pro-am team and those athletes to our club system, we can provide a continuum of volleyball services as athletes progress in the sport. Most importantly, our young club athletes will gain access to mentors who have played at the highest levels to help guide them on their journeys,” Coderre states on behalf of Galaxy Volleyball Club.

Chris Wilkins

Chris Wilkins

Co-coach Chris Wilkins adds a depth of experience coaching a successful women’s program, having won his 10th consecutive (OCAA) Ontario Championship with the Humber Hawks last season - currently on a 130 game winning streak. The Humber Women’s program has produced both National Team and Professional athletes, and has the most successful record in OCAA history.

“I’m excited to be involved as a Coach with Premier Volleyball League to help enhance the sport across the Country.  The creators of ONE Volleyball have found new and creative ways to promote the sport and provide a vision to grow volleyball in a fresh exciting way and I want to be a part of that.

This new approach to creating a high level league that allows for players to reach their peak performance has been a long time coming.  With the right level of input this is sure to be just step-one of what we will look back on as game changing for thousands of elite volleyball players down the road,” Wilkins says.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. Tickets go on sale May 23rd, visit for more information.

For more information on Galaxy Volleyball visit




Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is pleased to introduce Aaron Nusbaum as the latest owner of a Premier League Volleyball Team. The Premier League is the first of it’s kind in Canada and kicks off June 8th, this summer in Toronto, Ontario.

Aaron Nusbaum

Aaron Nusbaum

“It is no secret that there is a healthy amount of volleyball talent within Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. By creating a platform for local and overseas athletes to compete with and against one another, there is no doubt that the level of play will be extremely high. Bringing awareness to the community is the first step towards inspiring the next generation of athletes,” Nusbaum says.

Nusbaum attended Queen’s University where he played for four years under head coach Brenda Willis. From there he chose to focus his efforts on beach volleyball and his career as he currently balances his time between training sessions and financial consulting with Investors Group. In his spare time he works with Phoenix Volleyball as the head coach of the 16U Fury team.

Nusbaum has recently has qualified for the World Championships this summer in Vienna where he will be competing alongside his partner Ryan Vandenburg.

“Aaron has competed in recent [ONE Volleyball] Challenger Series events with some of the athletes who will be participating in the upcoming Premier League. He is someone who shares the same passions and vision for the future of our sport, and is the exact type of person we want to partner with,” says Jolande Amoraal, co-founder of ONE Volleyball.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. Tickets go on sale May 23rd, visit for more information.




Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is proud to announce Unity Volleyball’s partnership with the Premier League this summer in Toronto, Ontario, through their purchase of one men’s and one women’s team.

“We believe in the power of coming together to build, innovate and change sport for the better. Our involvement in Premier League allows us to not only complete our vision of helping prepare athletes at any age with the skills necessary to accomplish their dreams, but we believe this creates local role models for our own athletes to aspire to,” says Daniel Shermer, president of Unity Volleyball. “Owning a team in the Premier League positively adds to our community.”

Unity Volleyball Men's Program Head Coach Orest Stanko

Unity Volleyball Men's Program Head Coach Orest Stanko

Unity Volleyball has signed head coach Orest Stanko to their men’s program for the 2017 season. Stanko comes with an extensive history of success in the volleyball community, having coached the University of Toronto’s men’s volleyball team to 13 OUA Championships and was the OUA coach of the year seven (7) times. In addition, he has coached both Team Ontario at the Canada Games, and the National Beach Volleyball Team. “I am excited to be a part of this potentially ground-breaking opportunity for our sport in Canada,” Stanko states.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through their participation in League programs and training opportunities.

Tickets go on sale May 23rd, visit for more information.
For more information on Unity Volleyball, visit





Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is excited to announce its newest partnership with lululemon for the inaugural Premier Volleyball League in Toronto, Ontario. lululemon’s involvement in the Premier League includes supplying jersey’s for every athlete, which are to be unveiled at the lululemon Draft Night – May 18th at 318 Queen Street.

“Since inception, lululemon has been well known for its unique roots and strong sense of community. The Premier League is an opportunity to further connect with the volleyball community and assist ONE Volleyball and it’s athletes, in growing the game of volleyball in Canada,” says Nathaniel Virgo, lululemon team program representative.

“As a major influencer on the fitness industry and leader in the education of wellness, lululemon provides the perfect partner for ONE Volleyball’s values and programs.” Co-founder Jolande Amoraal says, “Their recent affiliation to beach volleyball at the 2016 Olympic Games and with social influencers such as Kerri Walsh make their transition to the hard-court very natural.”

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. The lululemon Draft Night is closed to the public but will be live-streamed via our media partner Volleyball Source.

Tickets go on sale May 23rd, visit for more information.