Post Match Recap - Round Five Calgary Premier League


CMS Crush (2-3) 3-2 Trolley 5 HITT Venom (3-2)


MVPs: Olivia Furlan, Tiffany Proudfoot

         CMS Crush, who had only one win prior to this week, stole an important victory from the second place Trolley 5 Venom on Tuesday night with a come-from-behind 5th set victory.

         The first two sets were dominated by the Venom, who won 25-16 and 25-19. A serving run from Venom rightside Janna Ogle sent her team on a 5-0 run to finish the first set, while another unanswered 5 points midway through the second set (this time served by setter Maja Frew) put the Venom up 18-13 and proved to be the difference. Tiff Proudfoot once again was a force to be reckoned with from leftside, showing why she was her team’s first pick in the draft.

         The third set began much the same, Trolley 5 building a substantial lead at 12-18. From this point on, Crush turned on the afterburners and mounted an incredible comeback, going on a 13-2 run to win the set 25-20 after a net touch by Venom middle Tasha Holness.

         Errors on the Trolley 5 side did not make the surging Crush any easier to deal with, as the ladies in grey were firing on all cylinders. Setter Liv Furlan, absent from last week’s match, stepped up to make a serious impact this week, putting her sets in all of the right places to make her hitters look good and keep the momentum on her team’s side. A Venom serve sailed long at 24-20 to send the game to a 5th set.

         The final set stayed close for two-thirds of the allotted points; up by two, CMS pulled away to make the score 14-10 and all but assure their victory. The final point was yet another error by the Venom, as the Crush took it 15-11 to remain in third place.

         CMS picked up 2 points from this 5-set win, as the standings coming up to playoffs on July 24th are almost solidified. Next week they will play Cold Garden in a battle for 3rd/4th seed.

         Trolley 5, one point behind JVC Reign in the standings, will be fighting it out for first seed next Tuesday.

Cold Garden Tropikills (1-4) 3-1 JVC Reign (4-1)

MVPs: Abby Spratt, Jillian Mah

         The previously winless Cold Garden Tropikills found their way into the win column last Tuesday, beating the formerly undefeated JVC Reign in four thrilling sets.

         The teams were neck and neck all through the first set, tied up at 21-21 before Cold Garden took four straight points to win the first set. Jamie Thibeault, usually in the middle for the Tropikills, swung rightside for this match and was a big factor in the team’s success on the attack and block.

         Cold Garden rode that momentum throughout the next set, capitalizing on Reign errors to again win 25-21. Thibeault led her team from the rightside while Tori Dakin and Amanda Moppett-Beatch attacked from leftside, but it was setter Abby Spratt who coordinated the offense well enough to keep JVC on their heels.

         Reign struck back in the fourth set; without starting middle Kylie Willis, leftsides Andi Price and Meaghan Mealey as well as middle Jillian Mah picked up the slack on the attack. Leading 20-18, JVC won 5 unanswered points to win the third set 25-18.

         Cold Garden resumed their quest for victory in the fourth, taking an early 8-4 lead. Spratt also put the Reign in trouble from the end line serving on a long run that put Cold Garden up 17-10, as everything was falling into place for the Tropikills heading into the late stages of the set. Tori Dakin notched the final kill of the match off the hands of the block and down, concluding a commanding 25-16 win of the fourth set.

         Still sitting behind CMS Crush in the standings, the Tropikills will need a win in four sets or less next Tuesday to secure a playoff berth better than 4th seed. Meanwhile, JVC needs a win in any amount of sets against Trolley 5 to solidify their position as first seed before the 24th.


JVC Timberjacks (3-2) 3-0 WM Greenbacks (3-2)


MVPs: Riley Friesen, Savana Walkingbear

         The Timberjacks’ hot streak continued on Tuesday night, dispatching the league-leading Greenbacks in 3 sets. The win brings both teams to 3-2, with the Greenbacks still occupying the top spot and the T-Jacks narrowly in second place.

         The Greenbacks trailed for most of the first set before tying it up at 20 after an ace from Tim Taylor. Missed serves and sideouts kept both teams from pulling away initially, but a tough serve from Keaton Strom gave Riley Friesen an overpass that he put away to win 26-24.

         Trailing by as many as four during the second set, the Timberjacks stormed back to tie the game up at 23-23. From here on out the two teams battled back and forth in a marathon finish, running the score up into the mid-30s before the Timberjacks finally ended things at 35-33.

         Seemingly determined to win this one in straight sets, JVC averaged a 3-point lead throughout the final set, collecting their final point from a Greenbacks bump-set that ricocheted off of the roof and down onto the court.

         Next Tuesday, in the final round of the regular season, the Greenbacks will face off against the Dinos and the Timberjacks will play the Smashing Gavels, each pushing for the coveted first seed going into the playoffs.

Dinos Volleyball (2-3) 3-2 Vogel Smashing Gavels (2-3)


MVPs: Alex Cook, Jackson Brennan

         Despite going down by a set on two occasions, the Dinos clawed their way back for a 16-14, 5th set victory that brought both teams to a 2-3 record. That leaves both squads within one point of each other as well as one point behind the 1st and 2nd place teams.

         After a slow start, the Smashing Gavels leapt out to a 6-point lead after some strong serving by Regan Fathers and blocking by Taylor Arnett. The winning point came from an Alex Bader missed serve, 25-20.

         The Dinos struck back in the second set, led offensively by leftside Tim Finnigan as they tied up the set score and won 25-22. Jon Isaacs, another standout hitter for the Dinos, provided the set-winning kill out of rightside.

         The third set stayed a very close affair, both teams trading sideouts and short runs until the final points, when a combination of Smashing Gavel blocks and Dino errors put the Gavels up 24-20. A kill from Regan Fathers down the line would finish the set, 25-22.

         Down 2-1, and down 18-20 near the end of the fourth set, the Dinos fought to come back and win after a 5-0 run made the score 23-20 in their favour. Hamish Hazelden, heating up on offense after a slow start, finished off the fourth set with a kill from the middle to make it 25-22.

         It wouldn’t feel like a One Volleyball event without at least one 5th set, and the two teams did not disappoint. The scoring went back and forth, bolstered by top-notch performances from just about every player on the floor, as the teams found themselves tied up at 14-14. A missed serve from the Gavels set up match point, and leftside Chris Brunet was stuffed by Dinos middle Sean Tuff to complete the Dinos victory.

         In two crucial matchups next Tuesday, the Dinos (4th) will play the league-leading Greenbacks (1st) for a few much-needed points coming into the playoffs, while the Smashing Gavels (3rd) will play in an almost identical situation against the Timberjacks (2nd). Be sure to watch online if you can’t make it to SAIT yourself!


Recaps by Brent Ingram 

Post Match Recap - Round Four of the Calgary Premier League


Trolley 5 HITT Venom (3-1) 3-1 Cold Garden Tropikills (0-4)


MVPs: Tasha Holness, Kirsten Struksness

         The Trolley 5 Venom, after dropping a close 5-set loss to JVC Reign last weekend, placed themselves firmly in the upper half of the league last night as they defeated the still winless Cold Garden Tropikills.

         Cold Garden came out of the gate swinging, going up by as many as ten points early on and dominating the first set. Amanda Moppet-Beatch, Jamie Thibeault and Victoria Dakin each found a lot of success on offense, with Kirsten Struksness stepping in to distribute the ball in place of Cold Garden’s usual starter Abby Spratt. An abnormally high number of errors didn’t make things any easier for the Venom, who lost the first set 25-14.

         In a mirrored start to the first, the second set saw Trolley 5 go on a 9-2 run to start things off. Leftsides Tiffany Proudfoot and Alex Donaghy started to heat up, not to mention eventual MVP Tasha Holness finding her groove out of the middle. Down 10-18, Cold Garden pushed to get back into it and made the score 19-22, but Trolley 5 wrapped it up at 25-21 after a Tiffany Proudfoot kill.

         Cold Garden couldn’t find the same fire they had in the first set, as the Venom cruised through the next two sets towards the 4-set victory. Setting for Trolley 5 was Veronica Headley, who found a solid connection with Holness in the middle and ran an offense to widespread for the Tropikills to stop. A tip from Alex Donaghy finished the third set 25-17, sending the teams to what would be a quick fourth set that ended after a Kaleigh Fisk hitting error out of the rightside, 25-18.

         Next Tuesday (July 10th), Cold Garden will go up against the undefeated JVC Reign, and Trolley 5 will face the CMS Crush. With only two rounds left before playoffs begin, every win goes a long way in the standings.

JVC Reign (4-0) 3-1 CMS Crush (1-3)


MVPs: Amanda Bakker, Miranda Dawe

         JVC Reign continued their domination of the Calgary Premier League Women’s Division, beating CMS Crush in four sets with a healthy mixture of players off the bench. Miranda Dawe, the former Red Deer College Queen, had a great night for the Crush, but it wasn’t quite enough to steal a win from Andi Price and the Reign.

         The first set was close the whole way through, each team enjoying the lead for a few points at a time before having it stolen from them. JVC did have a 5-point lead midway through the set, but Crush pushed back to tie it up at 20-20. Down 24-25, Miranda Dawe put the ball into the net as JVC stole the first set in extra points.

         In the second set it was the Crush’s turn to steal a win; up 23-18, they managed to stop a late counterattack by the Reign that brought the score to 23-22, and equalized the set score after a kill from Megan Brennan.

         JVC put their foot on the gas for the rest of the match, as contributions from Andi Price and Skye Thompson did the brunt of the offensive damage while strong serving from Leah Shevkenek gave the Reign big leads in some crucial times. At the end of the third set, Megan Brennan’s serve found the inside of the net and gave JVC a 2-1 lead.

         Reign setter Amanda Bakker, getting the start over Shevkenek this week, ran a tight offense and put the ball in all of the right places to secure their fourth win in as many games. Up 24-21, a missed serve from Taylor Ellis in the final play of the night ended the match after four sets and put the CMS Crush in a difficult spot with only two rounds of regular season play remaining: 1-3, third in the standings.

         Next Tuesday’s games will feature a repeat of the Round 2 matchups: JVC Reign faces Cold Garden and CMS Crush plays Trolley 5. Catch the action in person at the SAIT Campus Centre Gymnasium or head to ONE Volleyball’s Youtube page to watch the live stream.


JVC Timberjacks 3-2 Dinos Volleyball


MVPs: Keaton Strom, Tim Finnigan 

The Dinos and the Timberjacks kicked off Round 4 of league play with a good old five-set battle. Dinos Right Side attacker Tim Finnigan lit it up in set #1 with a few heavy cross shots that the Timberjacks defense couldn’t handle, but Keaton Strom responded promptly with a sharp cut shot to send his opponents into a time-out at 23-22. Alex Bader showcased his hustle on defense, popping up two huge digs with one hand in the back court, but it wasn’t enough as the T-Jacks closed the eventful set off at 29-27.

In set 2, the T-Jacks trailed early on but made their way back into the game with a few crafty tools off the hands of the blockers. Timberjacks setter Jackson Maris provided more momentum for his team with a couple aggressive spin serves that forced his opponents to try and play the ball off the roof. All tied up at 24 Jordan Lantz of the Dinos stepped back to the service line and dished out two difficult float serves to the deep corner that would send the T-Jacks into trouble, but Tommy Lyon ended Lantz’s run by putting a quick 51 attack to the hardwood to get momentum back for his team. Outside Hitter Bader answered back right away with a lethal cut shot, and the Dinos blocking secured them the second set at 27-25.

Set 3 was another close call with the teams competing point-for-point. Keaton Strom put down a pair of hard-driven kills to tie it up at 22-22 and send the teams into a time-out. Dinos Outside hitter Liam Kuppe responded with a hard kill through the seam of the blockers and a crafty half-speed shot down the line, then Tim Finnigan put the finishing touches on the set, blasting a back-row attack through the seam at 25-23.

Timberjacks middle blocker Graham Schmuland kicked off the fourth set with a quick 51 straight past his blocker to the hardwood. The teams battled closely throughout the set, but two aces in a row from Keaton Strom pushed the JVC lead to 23-16. Juan Becerra went on a serving run of his own to cut the gap to a mere two points, but Mac McNicol scored on a fiery right side attack to put an end to the Dinos’ comeback at 25-23.

Set #5 displayed some impressive net play, as Mac McNicol and Sean Tuff each had a massive block to start the set. With the T-Jacks leading at the midway point, Tim Finnigan got another huge block to fuel his team’s fire, but JVC was feeling confident leading the set 11-5. The tables turned quickly as a couple of unforced errors from the Timberjacks let the Dinos back into the game and suddenly it was 13-11, but Schmuland and McNicol each racked up another kill to secure the fifth-set victory for the Timberjacks at 15-11.

Players of the game were Keaton Strom of the JVC Timberjacks and Tim Finnigan of the Dinos. You can catch Round 5 action in the SAIT Gymnasium next Tuesday, July 10! JVC Timberjacks will take on the WM Greenbacks at 6:30 pm, followed by the Smashing Gavels vs. Dinos Volleyball at 8 pm

WM Greenbacks 3-1 Smashing Gavels


MVPs: Maddux Greves , Sam Brisbane

The WM Greenbacks and the Smashing Gavels turned the court into a battlefield on Tuesday night during Round 4 action. Connor Frehlich kicked off set #1 by hammering three heavy spin serves at his opponents to earn 3 aces in a row. Chris Brunet of the Smashing Gavels forced a kill through the hands of the blockers at 22-21, but Greenbacks blocker Nic Dubinsky went down hard with what appeared to be a painful ankle injury. The teams continued to battle closely into extra points, but it was the Greenbacks who took the first set 28-26, finishing with a massive 2-man block on Smashing Gavels middle Godi Gibi.

The Smashing Gavels came back to fight in the second set though, as Samuel Brisbane dished out a beautiful one-handed set to Godi Gibi in the middle for the first point of the set. The Smashing Gavels began the set with a 4-0 run and never looked back, as they took advantage of several unforced errors by the Greenbacks to extend their lead and finish the set 25-19.

Set #3 featured a massive pipe kill from Greenbacks outside hitter Tim Taylor early on, but Quinn Bromley answered with a couple kills to the floor. The Greenbacks took advantage of a free ball to push their opponents to set-point, but the Gavels came back to tie it up at 24-all. The Greenbacks took set #3 26-24 following a miss-hit by Quinn Bromley on the second set-point.

The Greenbacks carried their momentum into the fourth set and played point-for-point with their opponents, but nearing the end of the set, the score swung to favour the Greenbacks and they went on to secure the victory 25-18, as well as the top spot in the Premier One Men’s Division.

Players of the game were Sam Brisbane of the Smashing Gavels and Maddux Greves of the Greenbacks. You can catch both team in action again next week on Tuesday, July 10 in the SAIT Gymnasium! The 6:30 pm match will feature JVC Timberjacks vs. WM Greenbacks, followed by the Smashing Gavels vs. Dinos Volleyball at 8 pm.


Recaps Done by: Brett Ingram and Madyson Kerr 



Post Match Recap - Round Two of the Calgary Premier League


JVC Reign (2-0) 3-1 Cold Garden Tropikills (0-2)


MVPs: Andi Price, Amanda Moppett-Beatch 

After two rounds in the Calgary Premier League, JVC Reign remains undefeated after taking down the Cold Garden Tropikills in four sets on Monday. JVC was coming off of a straight sets victory over CMS Crush the week prior, and is looking every bit like an early contender for Premier League champion.

The teams traded points throughout the first set, neither squad pulling out to a lead of more than two until the very end. Reign setter Leah Shevkenek stepped back to the service line with the scoreline 23-22, and fired in two quick service aces to steal a close first set over Cold Garden. The second set played out in much the same way, except this time it was the Tropikills’ turn to pull away at the end and steal a few late-set points. Cold Garden leftside Victoria Dakin and middle Jaimie Thibeault were the main offensive guns for their team in this set, while rightside and eventual Tropikills’ player of the match Amanda Moppett-Beatch was a consistent option from anywhere on the court.

The third set was all JVC, who jumped out to an early lead and never lost it. Cold Garden had no answer for the swings of Andi Price and Meaghan Mealey, while the Tropikills biggest threat in Jaimie Thibeault was held to nine kills by tough serving from their opponents. The fourth set, while not as close as the previous one, played out like another chapter in the same story: untimely errors from the Tropikills gave the Reign, who already looked comfortable siding out, too much of an advantage for Cold Garden to overcome.  

Round 3 will be played on June 25th in the SAIT Campus Centre gymnasium, as Cold Garden tries to find their first win and Reign will look to stay out of the loss column for another week.

Trolley 5 HITT Venom (2-0) 3-0 CMS Crush (0-2)



MVPs: Alex Donaghy, Megan Brennan

Round 2’s second women’s matchup of the night saw another undefeated team, the Trolley 5 Venom, face off against another winless team in CMS Crush. The Venom cleaned up in straight sets, denying the Crush a set win for the second week in a row.

The one-two punch of Venom leftsides Alex Donaghy and Tiffany Proudfoot proved difficult for the Crush to stop, both players combining for 20 kills on the night. The Venom took the first set with a comfortable six point lead (25-19) and lost no momentum coming into the second, controlling the set from start to finishing and winning 25-18 after four straight missed serves from the Crush. Megan Brennan, leftside for CMS, picked up most of the slack offensively with a team-high 11 kills while Taylor Wickson had 6 kills out of the middle on 8 attempts for a ridiculous 75% hitting efficiency.

The third set was another Venom showcase as Trolley 5 kept their foot on the gas and led 24-17, poised to make it a quick 3-0. Crush wasn’t quite finished, however, pushing to score 5 straight points and bring the score to 22-24. At this point, the Venom’s first pick in the draft Tiffany Proudfoot decided the game was close enough and ended the match on a kill from the rightside, her 11th of the night.

Tune in or come watch Round 3 live on June 25th, where Trolley 5 and JVC Reign will battle to see who remains undefeated and Cold Garden faces the Crush for a spot in the win column.


Smashing Gavels (2-0) 3-2 Dinos (1-1)



MVPs: Connor Frehlich, Jordan Lantz

The opening match of Round 3 on the men’s side was another barnburner, resulting in a 15-13, 5th set win by the Vogel LLP Smashing Gavels over Dinos Volleyball. This makes two five-setters in as many matches for the Dinos, who won the last one over the JVC Timberjacks.

The first set was controlled largely by the Gavels, led by Regan Fathers on the attack. The high-flying Aussie, his team’s second pick in the draft, along with former University of Calgary rightside Connor Frehlich led their team to a healthy 19-12 lead over the Dinos in the opener, closing out it out soon after at 25-18.

The Dinos would respond in the following sets, making a few lineup changes and slowing the Gavels down. Up 2-0 in the second set, the Dinos blockers got up on two outside swings from Fathers and gave the audience two of the biggest blocks we’ve seen in the Premier League so far back to back, grabbing the early lead in entertaining fashion. Up 24-22, the Dinos equalized the set score with another big block on Regan Fathers.

The third set saw the Gavels try out a few new players in their rotation, but the Dinos stuck to a more consistent game and won the set with an identical scoreline, 25-22. Jordan Lantz was reliable in the middle and gave the Dinos the offensive push they needed to put themselves back in the drivers seat. In the fourth set it was the Gavels’ turn to strike back, relying on clutch kills from Fathers and leftside Chris Brunet off the bench to go the distance and take it to five sets. Up 23-22, libero Calvin Siebert served up an ace to make it set point for the Gavels, and Regan Fathers found a way through a triple block to force the 5th set.

Trading points throughout the final set, the Dinos found themselves down 10-14 (after an ace from Connor Frehlich) before putting three straight points together to give the Gavels a scare. With the game on the line, Chris Brunet passed and swung for the final kill of the match to finish it at 15-13.

WM Greenbacks (1-1) 3-0 JVC Timberjacks (0-2)



MVPs: Tim Taylor, Caleb Hickok

The second match of the night was a quick one, as the Greenbacks made short work of the Timberjacks thanks to outstanding play from Time Taylor and Keith West.

Getting off to a 7-2 run in the opening frame, the Greenbacks were able to hold on to a comfortable 5 point lead for most of the first set. Riley Friesen, the Timberjacks first pick in the draft, had some difficulty finding the success he had during last week’s match against the Smashing Gavels. Up 24-20, Keith West hammered a crosscourt kill to take the first set.

The Greenbacks kept rolling in the second, despite much cleaner play from the Timberjacks. The weapons at the Greenbacks disposal, namely Taylor and West, were too hot to handle in this set; Taylor scored back to back aces on the JVC serve receive, West came up big down the stretch with some momentum-building kills, and rightside Nic Dubinsky put in work on his side of the net as well. Although the ‘Jacks cut the lead to two at 17-19 after a kill from Riley Friesen, the Greenbacks responded with a 6-1 run to take the second set 25-18.

West heated up in the third set, firing in big serves and clutch kills while the Timberjacks struggled with passing and unforced errors. The serving of the Greenbacks was a constant source of frustration for JVC over the entire game, and up 24-17 the serve of Liam Laidlaw careened off the platform of a Timberjack passer and out to secure the victory.

Round 3 will be played on June 25th, where the Timberjacks look for their first win of the season against the undefeated Smashing Gavels. Meanwhile, the Greenbacks will face the Dinos for uncontested possession of second place in the rankings.

Post Match Recap - Round Three of the Calgary Premier League



JVC Reign (3-0) 3-2 Trolley 5 HITT Venom (2-1)

MVPs: Leah Shevkenek and Maya Frew

          On Monday night JVC Reign pulled off an intense 5-set victory against Trolley 5 HITT Venom to secure their third consecutive win.

          Venom Middle Blocker Tasha Holness set the tone for the match early on, earning her team’s first point with a massive stuff block on Reign Outside Hitter Andrea Price. The teams fought point for point and met up at 15-15 mid-set. Venom slowly snuck away from their opponents and Tiffany Proudfoot closed off the first set with a kill off the hands of the outside blockers to make it 25-17.

          Tasha Holness came out to play again in the second set, putting the ball to the floor on a quick 51 dished out by Leah Shevkenek. Following a close battle throughout the set, the teams were caught at 23-23, when Andrea Price displayed her versatility, delivering a hard cross shot to the floor, followed by a roll shot over the hands of the blockers to close off the set.

          Set three was another battle to end, with Julia Zonneveld stepping up to tie it up again at 23-23 with a well-placed shot down the line to send the teams into a time-out. Both teams showcased their gritty defense and effective out-of-system attacking to push the set to 28-26, with Reign again coming out on top.

          Venom fought back in the fourth to secure the set-victory 25-19, but their opponent was not about to give up their undefeated title. Reign stepped into the fifth set with confidence, forcing Venom to call time-out at 5-1. Leah Shevkenek found Kylie Willis in the middle for a quick 51 tip over the hands of the blockers to put this lengthy match to rest.

          You can catch Round 4 action next week on Tuesday, July 3 in the SAIT Gymnasium, as HITT Venom will seek to bounce back from their first loss, while the dominant JVC Reign will look to extend their undefeated streak.

CMS Crush (1-2) 3-1 Cold Garden Tropikills (0-3)

MVPs: Megan Brennan and Abby Spratt

         Game 2 on Monday night featured the 1-2 CMS Crush vs. the Cold Garden Tropikills, who are still in search of their first match win.

Both teams got off to a good start and met in the middle at 15-15, but the Tropikills pushed for a 5-point run to push the set to 20-15 and Crush was unable to catch up. A kill by Outside Hitter Jade Van Dyke and a service ace from Victoria Dakin put the finishing touches on set 1 at 25-17.

CMS Crush came back to fight in the second set though, with a couple of big kills from Crush outside attackers Hilary Howe and Megan Brennan. The Tropikills were gritty on defense, but ultimately were unable to contain the power of the Crush outside hitters, as Hilary Howe put away a hard cross right-side swing to cap the set at 25-20.

Crush setter Olivia Furlan started the third set with a couple of laser-beam serves, achieving her second ace of the match and the Tropikills got into trouble early-on with a 6-2 deficit. A couple of unforced errors on the Crush side of the net and a big block and kill by Jillian Lynch in the middle gave the Tropikills enough momentum to cut the lead to one, but it wasn’t enough as Hilary Howe showed up with a huge block to end the set.

Cold Garden pushed Crush to their limits in the fourth set, attempting to survive for a fifth set. The teams competed point-for-point alongside the lively crowd and took at time-out at 24-24. Crush outside hitters Hilary Howe, Megan Brennan, and Miranda Dawe came in clutch at the end to secure the match victory at 30-28.

Round 4 kicks off on Tuesday, July 3 in the SAIT Gymnasium. Cold Garden will be taking on Venom at 6:30 pm and JVC Reign will be challenging CMS Crush.



WM Greenbacks (2-1) 3-0 Dinos (1-2)


MVPs: Kyle Hall, Hamish Hazelden

         After three weeks of competition, the Greenbacks have placed themselves at the front of the pack as they extinguished the Dinos in a swift Round 3 opening match. The usual suspects Tim Taylor, Keith West, and Nic Dubinsky all made contributions towards the victory, but it was libero Kyle Hall who took home MVP honours. Hamish Hazelden, the Aussie rightside who will be suiting up as a University of Calgary Dino next season, was his team’s go-to option for the duration of this match and was also named match MVP.

         The first set started and remained a close contest until the teams were all tied up at 20. Unfortunately for the Dinos, two of the last five Greenback points came from missed serves, another from a Nic Dubinsky ace, and Tim Taylor cleaned up the rest of it with two kills to finish it 25-22.

         The Greenbacks built on that momentum throughout the second set, stretching out an early 4-point lead and never losing it. The level of Greenback consistency was too much for their opponents to handle down the stretch, and too many unforced errors by the Dinos were no help as the second set ended at an inauspicious 25-18 after a Tim Finnigan hitting error.

         When it rains it pours, and the Dinos found find no respite from their troubles in Set 3. Three quick kills from outside hitter Tyler Latu’ila helped the Greenbacks establish an early 5-1 lead, and a mixture of strong Greenback serving and Dino errors compounded that lead into an insurmountable 20-7. The Dinos made one final push and brought themselves to 12 points, but the game was finally ended by a block on Alex Bader by Liam Laidlaw.

         Play resumes next week on Tuesday, July 3rd. Join us for Round 4, as the teams go up against the Round 1 opponents in a few hotly-contested rematches: The Dinos will try to replicate their first week victory over the Timberjacks, and the Greenbacks will try to even up their record against the Smashing Gavels with a win.

JVC Timberjacks (1-2) 3-2 Smashing Gavels (2-1)



MVPs: Mac McNicol, Jackson Brennan

         Two weeks after falling in straight sets to the Greenbacks, the Timberjacks clawed their way back from the jaws of defeat to steal a win over the previously undefeated Smashing Gavels in five sets. After losing the first two sets, JVC seemingly flipped a switch and came storming back to win the next three and put themselves in that elusive win column.

         The Gavels looked as strong as ever in the opening set, pulling away after being up 17-15 to take the first one 25-18 after a Riley Friesen hitting error. Unforced errors from the Timberjacks made coming back an impossible task, as their hitters struggled to find the floor for much of the first two sets.

         The Timberjacks grabbed an early lead in the 2nd but failed to hold onto it, strong serving from the Gavels making it difficult to consistently side out. The score remained tight until the very end, as the Timberjack hitters began to find their rhythm from both above the net and behind the service line, but a missed serve would be their undoing and finish the set 25-22.

         The Timberjacks jumped out to another early lead in the 3rd, this time not only holding onto it but increasing it as they led 22-16 before a Smashing Gavel timeout. Aside from lefty Connor Frehlich, the Gavels were hard-pressed to find a reliable option without the attacking of Regan Fathers and couldn’t stop the Jacks from taking the third set at a convincing 25-18.

         The fourth set only served as a small buffer between the third and fifth sets; JVC’s outside hitters came alive on both the block and the attack after all experienced slow starts in this match. Eventual Timberjack MVP Mac McNicol blocked Calvin Siebert on a leftside swing to end the set at 25-14 and force a deciding set.

         The Smashing Gavels brought the fire early in the 5th and went up 9-4 after Taylor Arnett tipped a ball off the block of Riley Friesen. Following this the Timberjacks began firing on all cylinders and went on an incredible 11-2 run to take the 5th set and their first win of the season. Led by the serving of Graham Schmuland and Jackson Maris, the team seemed impossible to stop on offense and almost impossible to score on. The final point of the match was perhaps the biggest block of the Premier League so far, as Keaton Strom stuffed the attack of Chris Brunet out of the rightside.

Konno Inc & ONE Volleyball join forces for the 2018 Toronto Premier League


Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is excited to announce Konno Inc as the official partner and jersey supplier for the 2018 Premier League Season in Toronto.

Konno Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of custom performance apparel, servicing school sports and clubs, as well as amateur sports organizations, is excited to be named the official partner and jersey supplier of One Volleyball Premier League. Konno is known in the Volleyball community for its ability to provide high-level graphics, excellent quality and exceptional turnaround time at an affordable price point.

“We are honoured to have been selected as the official jersey supplier of ONE Volleyball. This new partnership is indicative of Konno’s dedication to the growth of sports in Canada. Through ONE Volleyball, we will be able to contribute to the development and brand of volleyball at various levels.” says Alex Nicolaidis, general manger, Konno.

The official jerseys for the 2018 Toronto Premier League season were unveiled last Tuesday at the 2018 Toronto Athlete Draft presented by Boston Pizza. 

2018 women's Premier League jerseys

2018 men's Premier League jerseys

"We are very excited to work with another local company whose vision aligns so well with ONE Volleyball. Konno understands the importance of growing volleyball across the country and we are excited to see our athletes wearing the Konno brand on competition nights this summer." says Jaki Ellis, co-founder, ONE Volleyball.

Konno Inc’s facility is located in Mississauga Ontario with an emphasis on elevating their customer’s brand through creative design concepts. Konno specializes in dye-sublimated team uniforms and spirit wear - a process that allows for virtually endless design with low minimums and speedy results. With an expert production staff, including seamstresses, product developers, graphic designers and a complete customer service staff, Konno has built a reputation for giving customers an easy transition from concept to creation. For more information on Konno products and services, please visit their website at


About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. Athletes are drafted to teams through the annual Athlete Draft.

Schedule has been announced and tickets are on sale for the 2018 season, visit for more information.


Jaki Ellis
ONE Volleyball

JVCentre TimberJacks ready to CHOP EM DOWN : Final Men's Team Owner Announced for the 2018 Calgary Premier League


Calgary, Alberta:  ONE Volleyball is excited to announce the furthered partnership with the Junior Varsity Volleyball Centre as the organization, in partnership with TimberTown Building Centre Ltd., will own a men’s team this season in the ONE Volleyball Calgary Premier League.

The Junior Varsity Volleyball Training Centre was built with volleyball in mind. Ensuring athletes had access to dedicated court space, experienced coaches and focused off-court training programs was the vision behind developing a High-Performance training space.

JVC One.png


TimberTown Building Centre Ltd. has been in business as long as our manufacturer’s warranties. That is your guarantee of product value. TimberTown are locally owned, operated, and understand the Alberta market, providing you with quality products that are suited to our environment. President of TimberTown, Matt Stayner, along with Co-Owner Reid Brodie, are excited to be part of both the mens and womens divisions this season.

The experience coach Tony Szkultecki will bring to the TimberJacks is a culmination of 25 years of playing and coaching with U of A Golden Bears, Canada Games Provincial team, Youth and Junior National teams and professional volleyball in Australia. Tony has also coached and played beach volleyball with a best finish of 5th place in Canada.



 "I am excited to be a part of the next progression of our sport in Calgary and Canada with ONE Volleyball. The facility and team at the Junior Varsity Centre is second to none. This is going to be a big year for volleyball in Calgary," says Tony.

Dave Lee will assistant coach the TimberJacks. Dave has played volleyball at Dalhousie University as well as won three National Championships with club and provincial teams. He has six years experience coaching at Simon Fraser University junior program and one-year coaching at Capilano University.

ONE Volleyball Calgary Director Jarron Mueller is excited to have the JVCentre on board with two teams this season saying, “JVC is such a perfect match for growing the sport of volleyball in Calgary. Having Tony coaching with the support of TimberTown and The JV Centre, makes for a very strong club that will compete at the highest level. The knowledge and facilities they will provide is a huge benefit to One Volleyball!”

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May 16, visit for more information.

For more information about the Junior Varsity Centre and Timber Town follow the links below:

Junior Varsity Centre

Timber Town


Jarron Mueller
League Director, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Matthew Achtymichuk
Public Relations Intern, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Dinos Men's Volleyball Club Aim for Gold as they enter ONE Volleyball Calgary Premier League


Calgary, Alberta: ONE Volleyball is pleased to announce the partnership with the Dinos Men’s Volleyball Club headed by University of Calgary coach Rod Durrant for the Calgary premier league season.

Dinos were the original junior boys club in Calgary, dating back to the 1980s. The Dinos Mens Volleyball Club brand is well established in Calgary as many high school athletes that have entered the program have gone on to achieve their post-secondary aspirations. Many of these athletes have enter the draft for The Calgary Premier League.


The mens premier league team will be coached by Rod Durrant. Rod has encouraged the entry of many athletes in Calgary as he sees the potential the league offers for CIS and other high-level athletes.

Rod Durrant - Dinos Men's Head Coach

Rod Durrant - Dinos Men's Head Coach

“The Dinos Volleyball club is excited to be involved with the ONE Volleyball Premier Volleyball League this summer. This an opportunity for athletes to develop and gain experience during a time which has been traditionally an off season. The two months of competition and training will benefit all athletes involved,” says Rod.

In his 10th season as head coach of the Dinos in 2015-16, Durrant led his team to a program-record 18 wins and a top-five national ranking throughout the season. He earned the program's second CIS Coach of the Year honour and the first since 1978. During his tenure, Rod has led the Dinos to the 2010 U SPORTS National Championship and the 2011 Canada West Title. He was the Conference Coach of the Year in both 2011 and 2016, and in 2016 added U SPORTS Coach of the Year honours after leading his team to a program-record 18 wins during the regular season.


Rod coached the Canadian Men’s Standing Disabled team to three consecutive World Championship titles in 2002, 2004, and 2006, adding to the team’s World Cup gold in 2005 and silver in 2003. He coached Team Alberta to a silver medal at the 2001 Canada Games and was an assistant coach of the Dinos men from 2000-2002.From 1995-99, Durrant served as Head Coach of the Mount Royal College men’s volleyball program, capturing three consecutive Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) provincial titles from 1997-99. He added a national silver medal in 1997 and back-to-back Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) national championships in 1998 and 1999.  He was named ACAC Coach of the Year in 1998 and CCAA Coach of the Year in 1999.

ONE Volleyball Calgary Director Jarron Mueller is excited by the Dinos involvement saying, “We are extremely happy to bring on a program like the Dinos. There are a huge part of the volleyball community and can contribute significantly to the development of players here in Calgary.”

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May 16, visit for more information.

For more information about Jr Dinos Mens Volleyball Club visit the link below for details


Jarron Mueller
League Director, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Matthew Achtymichuk
Public Relations Intern, ONE Volleyball Calgary

The O’Dwyer team enters the mix in the ONE Volleyball Women's Premier League

The O’Dwyer Team looks to provide the coaching platform for One athletes to succeed

Art O'Dwyer

Art O'Dwyer

CALGARY - ONE Volleyball is thrilled to announce the involvement of the O’Dwyer family as they plan to take the Calgary Women's Premier League by force this summer.

Art and Alison O’Dwyer own the Calgary Montessori School, a preschool and kindergarten program that has a long history in Calgary. It was established by Alison’s grandparents in 1919 in a one room school house in Elbow Park and as it has passed from one generation to another, the school is now about to celebrate it’s hundredth anniversary next year. The school offers Montessori education from three to six-year olds in three locations in Calgary. Montessori education was developed in Italy in 1907 and its philosophy is based on following the natural tendencies and developmental traits of children. By using hands on activities, the children can learn at their own pace and develop into life long learners from this young age.


As the current head-coach of the SAIT Women's team, Art has a rich history of coaching. He has coached at various levels including helping Canuck volleyball to three club national championships, and was the assistant coach with the University of Calgary mens team in 1984 and 2006 seasons.

“I am very excited to be involved with ONE Volleyball. I feel it fills two gaps in our volleyball programs in Alberta. Number one; it provides an opportunity for players in the 19 and up age group - whether they be U-Sport, CCAA, aspiring Pro or National Team athletes - to continue to develop their skills in the summer season,” says Art.

Art is also pleased that Calgary will finally have a format for lovers of the sport to take in
top-level competition, “It gives fans a chance to watch some very high-level volleyball in the
summer when they may have more time to watch the sport they love. To be able to help with
the growth of a sport that I love and have been involved in for most of my life is indeed a great


Coaching along-side Art will be his daughter Carolyn who is the current assistant coach
with the University of Alberta Pandas Women's team, a former assistant coach with
the Mount Royal cougars and the current assistant coach with the team Alberta
program. Before coaching, Caroline played three years at Mount Royal university and
was named Canada West rookie of the year in her first season.

Art and Carolyn O'Dwyer

Art and Carolyn O'Dwyer

“The O’Dwyer family is an integral piece in the volleyball community in Calgary. Art has
so much knowledge and experience to share, and Carolyn is the front runner in the new
generation of elite Coaching in Alberta. This is the perfect combination for ONE Volleyball,” says ONE Volleyball Calgary director Jarron Mueller.

About ONE Volleyball: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is
comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and
July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through
professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.
Tickets go on sale in May, visit for more information.

– 30 –

Jarron Mueller
League Director, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Matthew Achtymichuk
Public Relations Intern, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Trolley 5 and HITT “High Five” aim to take the Calgary Premier league by force

Left to right: Carsten Stanjeck, Jarron Mueller, Ernie Tsu

Left to right: Carsten Stanjeck, Jarron Mueller, Ernie Tsu


Calgary, Alberta: ONE Volleyball is excited to announce the partnership between HITT Volleyball and Trolley 5 Brewery this season. Carsten Stanjeck and Ernie Tsu will operate as both team owners and coaches. These long time friends reunite and plan to “derail” the competition.

Carsten Stanjeck of HITT Volleyball

Carsten Stanjeck of HITT Volleyball

Carsten’s coaching career includes seven seasons with the Alberta Volleyball Provincial Team programs as head and assistant coach. Several of his teams placed in the medals and won a National and Western Canadian championships. From 1992 until 1998, Carsten was an assistant coach with the University of Alberta Pandas Volleyball team lead by head coach Laurie Eisler. Together they were able to win first three national championships, which turned into a record breaking six consecutive titles.

Carsten developed HITT in 2009 with the vision of providing high-level, specialized skill sessions, to help club and high school athletes refine their technique. HITT coaches are exceptional educators, technicians and motivators in the sport of volleyball, with 10,000 hours of experience. Athletes attending HITT have the opportunity to work with North American leaders in coaching.

It is HITT’s intention to foster the individual student athlete’s confidence and passion for the sport. The brand is built on the philosophy that hard work and self-discipline are necessary components for student athletes to reach their best performance. Therefore, HITT provides a focused, intense curriculum designed to discourage comparison and instead promote self-correction and personal pride.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 5.20.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 5.20.16 PM.png

Carsten says, “Together we are excited to offer the Calgary volleyball community an exceptional opportunity for development and growth of our sport. We look forward to seeing many of you in the bleachers cheering and supporting all the teams!" 

Co-founder of Trolley 5, Ernie Tsu also sports a rich coaching resume with 28 years of coaching. During this time he was the head and assistant coach with the SAIT Trojans from 2006-2009. Ernie has an impressive 90% success rate with athletes pursuing post-secondary volleyball careers out of high-school. Ernie’s style and enthusiasm is contagious with getting exceptional results in player development.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 5.19.00 PM.png
Ernie Tsu of Trolley 5 and HITT Volleyball

Ernie Tsu of Trolley 5 and HITT Volleyball

Ernie has coached with tremendous success at all levels from  junior high girls/boys to college women. His teams have won numerous championships at the school and club level. 

Ernie Co-Founded Trolley 5 Brewery in 2016 along side PJ L’Heureux. Trolley 5 was built on the foundation that true craft beer brings people together to celebrate milestones, sunshine, food, winter and of course, one another. The name for Trolley 5 came from the area we all know as the Beltline, however it was originally referred to as the No.5 Trolley Line. It proudly carried all the hard working Calgarians who shaped our city into what it is today.

“We are grateful to have these incredible promoters and supporters of the sport of volleyball. They have both devoted many hours to growing our sport and have undeniable passion for volleyball. They will help make ONE Volleyball be the best in can be,” says ONE Volleyball Calgary League Director Jarron Mueller. 

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May, visit for more information.

For more information about Trolley 5 and H.I.T.T follow the links below.

Jarron Mueller
League Director, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Matthew Achtymichuk
Public Relations Intern, ONE Volleyball Calgary



Junior Varsity Centre picks up women's team in Calgary Premier League


Calgary, Alberta: ONE Volleyball is excited to announce our latest partnership with the Junior Varsity Volleyball Training Centre, located in south Calgary, for the inaugural Calgary Premier League.

With over 23,000 ft dedicated to six courts, a weight training facility and barre and yoga studio, the JVCentre fosters an environment that provides volleyball athletes young and old with the tools to fulfil their potential.

Co-Founders of JVC, and now team owners, Reid Brodie and Matt Stayner, express their enthusiasm with the opportunity ONE Volleyball presents. “With the addition of a women’s professional team to our facility, we see it as another layer for role models that will encourage young female athletes to get in, and stay in the game.” says Matt.

From Left to Right  : Chad Leier (Coach), Reid Brodie (Owner), Jarron Mueller (Calgary League Director), Matt Stayner (Owner)

From Left to Right : Chad Leier (Coach), Reid Brodie (Owner), Jarron Mueller (Calgary League Director), Matt Stayner (Owner)

The JVCentre team will be coached by former University of Calgary Dinos Women’s coaching duo of Chad Leier and Kevin Boyles. Boyles served as the University of Calgary’s Head Coach for nine seasons from 1999-2008 and played eight years for the Canadian Men’s national team. Collectively the duo led the Dinos to eight consecutive national tournaments, four national bronze medals and captured the national title in the 2003-2004 season.

JVC Women's Coach, Chad Leier

JVC Women's Coach, Chad Leier

Leier is thrilled to be back coaching with one of his mentors saying, “I’m excited to venture back into the world of competitive women’s volleyball along side the infamous Kevin Boyles.”

Leier has stayed active with developing the next wave of women’s talent within Calgary with his involvement with JVC and being an active member within the women’s club volleyball community.

“ONE Volleyball is fortunate to have Reid, Matt and the JVCentre involved with the Premier League this summer. They have an incredibility strong vision in elite athlete development and that shows with some of the athletes that have come through their programs,” says ONE Volleyball League Director, Jarron Meuller. “We can not wait to have the past athletes reconnect with their coaches in a professional league.”

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May, visit for more information.
For more information on JVCentre, visit

Jarron Mueller
League Director, ONE Volleyball Calgary

Matthew Achtymichuk
Public Relations Intern, ONE Volleyball Calgary



Vogel-LLP latest to purchase team in Calgary Premier League


Calgary, Alberta: ONE Volleyball is proud to announce a new partnership with Vogel-LLP as the latest to own a team in the Calgary Premier League!

Founded in 2000, Vogel LLP is local mid-size law firm with 18 lawyers that specializes in Family, Estate and Personal Injury law.

“We are excited to help grow the game in Calgary with the Calgary Premier League,” said Vogel LLP Partner, Andy Hayher, who helped the SAIT Trojans to a CCAA silver medal as a player, and head coached the team to a CCAA Bronze in 2012."

Owner - Andy Hayher

Owner - Andy Hayher

The Vogel LLP team will be coached by former Calgary Dino’s player and Assistant Coach, Tyler Fraser and managed by Mount Royal University’s Men’s Volleyball Coach Shawn Sky. Fraser played out his eligibility for UofC followed by a brief International career on the FIVB Beach Tour.

"I was really excited to get the call from Andy about getting involved with ONE Volleyball," Fraser says. "The volleyball community in Calgary is incredible, and I'm looking forward to seeing the different generations of players come together. Andy and I have been talking about the team identity, and we feel confident that we'll be very much like a 2004 Malbec: complex layers, mineral, a slight toasted oak, but with a smooth finish.

Head Coach - Tyler Fraser

Head Coach - Tyler Fraser

Fraser continues, "I'm looking forward to helping grow the volleyball community in Calgary. Andy was my setter in High School, but we've rarely had the opportunity to play or coach together, so I'm excited to reconnect through something that we both care so much about."

"This is a fantastic step for the League to bring in such a great company like Vogel LLP. With their knowledge and experience, there are only positive things to come. Andy, Shawn and Tyler have been such a huge part of the volleyball community in Calgary, and they will do an incredible job running a team,” says, Calgary League Director, Jarron Mueller. 

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May, visit for more information.
For more information on WM Wealth, visit



WM Wealth to Own First Men's Team in Calgary Premier League


Calgary, Alberta: ONE Volleyball is proud to announce a new partnership with WM Wealth Management, the FIRST men’s team owner in the Calgary Premier League!

Walsh McDowell Wealth is a boutique financial planning practice with over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive advice to families from all walks of life; from young professionals to retirees, and everyone in between. Owners, Rod Walsh, Mathew McDowell and current professional volleyball athlete, Brett Walsh are very excited about having this opportunity to be part of the new Pro-volleyball league in Calgary.

 “I have had the good fortune of being involved in the volleyball community for many years in Calgary. I was very excited when I heard that ONE Volleyball wanted to expand into Calgary. 

WM Wealth's new Head Coach Sean McKay

WM Wealth's new Head Coach Sean McKay

The new league will play an important role in the development of our athletes. There are far too many athletes that fall through the cracks when they finish their college/university careers. Especially, those that do not make the Senior “B’ team during the summer months or those that are not able to sign a Pro contract overseas. This new league will keep athletes in the game longer. More athletes playing longer at a high level is good for volleyball in Canada,” says Rod Walsh.

"The team at WM Wealth is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Calgary Premier League. They bring experience, passion and a head start to the game; signing a rising star as their Head Coach. We are looking forward to seeing what they accomplish this season," says Premier League co-founder Jolande Amoraal.

“We are very excited to announce Sean McKay as the head coach of our team. Sean has proven himself as a player and is committed to being a full time coach. Sean is currently the SAIT Trojans head coach and has completed his Masters degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.” Rod continued. "Sean has a very high standard of excellence that aligns nicely with our philosophy at WM Wealth Management."

WM Wealth Representatives Mathew McDowell and Rod Walsh (left) with Brett Walsh (screen) and Calgary Premier League Director Jarron Meuller (right).

WM Wealth Representatives Mathew McDowell and Rod Walsh (left) with Brett Walsh (screen) and Calgary Premier League Director Jarron Meuller (right).

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May, visit for more information.
For more information on WM Wealth, visit



Cold Garden to Own First Women's Team in Calgary Premier League


Calgary, Alberta: ONE Volleyball is proud to announce Cold Garden's partnership with the Premier League this summer, through their purchase of a women's team in Calgary, Alberta.

cold garden.png

Cold Garden Beverage Company is a Calgary-based microbrewery located in the vibrant community of Inglewood. Owners, Dan Allard and Blake Belding, are excited to play a role in launching the inaugural Premier League season in Calgary and have put together an incredible support team including Cold Garden's new coach, and former Canadian National Team right side, Dallas Soonias. 

"We know there's a lot of hype about which professional sports franchise Cold Garden will buy first. Regardless of the rumor mill surrounding reboot of the XFL, we are extremely excited about a better opportunity! Cold Garden is proud to be the first team owner in the prestigious ONE Volleyball Calgary Premier League!" says Dan Allard.

To launch their new team in the Premier League, Cold Garden will be running a team name contest. Go to @cold_garden on Instagram and @coldgardenbeverageco on Facebook to suggest a team name. They'll be taking the top two suggestions and putting it to a vote!

Calgary Premier League Director, Jarron Mueller, is excited to have such an amazing group supporting ONE Volleyball's expansion to Calgary. "We are happy to have Dan and Cold Garden join the Premier League. Cold Garden has done so many great things in the Calgary community and we are excited to soak in the fun and passion they will bring to the League." says Jarron.

Check handing.Still002.png

About: The ONE Volleyball Premier League runs in Calgary and Toronto and is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams in each city that compete in June and July. It aims to support the professional development of post-secondary athletes through professional training and competition opportunities within Canada.

Tickets go on sale in May, visit for more information.
For more information on Cold Garden Beverage Company, visit





Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is excited to announce the expansion of the Premier League for the upcoming 2018 season. With the support of Volleyball Alberta and the Calgary volleyball community, ONE is thrilled to make the move to the city of Calgary. 

Jarron Mueller,  Calgary Premier League Director 

Jarron Mueller, Calgary Premier League Director 

"We are so excited to launch a league that gives an elite level option for adults in Calgary. We have such a strong volleyball community here and now we can complete the full circle of athlete development." says Jarron Mueller, Calgary Premier League Director.

Jarron Mueller, former Alberta Golden Bear and professional volleyball player, is an integral piece to the Premier League expansion. With his leadership, the League has connected with key partners in the Calgary community to bring the Premier League vision to life. ONE is excited to partner with the Southern Institute of Technology (SAIT) who will be hosting Premier League matches through June and July, as well as the Volleydome GYM who will be hosting the Calgary Athlete Showcase in May.

"Alberta was a perfect fit for the first expansion of the Premier League. With a number of talented athletes from the Calgary region competing internationally as well as many elite USport and CCAA programs in both Calgary and Edmonton, we expect the competition to be quite strong. Having been part of this amazing community while competing for the Pandas, I know Alberta has the passion, dedication and support for the Premier League to thrive!" says co-founder Jaki Ellis.

The Calgary Premier League will mirror it's Toronto counterpart with four men's and 4 women's teams competing over the course of June and July. The first ever Calgary Premier League Champions will be crowned at the Premier Cup Finals on July 28th at SAIT. 

Athletes must apply to be drafted to the Calgary Premier League by May 1, 2018. More information along with dates, eligibility and format can be found at; 

STAY TUNED : Tickets to the public go on sale May, 2018.


Jaki Ellis
ONE Volleyball



Jo-Anne Ljubicic - Executive Director of OVA (left), Alishia Lidums - Director of Volleyball Operations (top), and Jolande Amoraal - Co-founder of ONE Volleyball (right)

Jo-Anne Ljubicic - Executive Director of OVA (left), Alishia Lidums - Director of Volleyball Operations (top), and Jolande Amoraal - Co-founder of ONE Volleyball (right)

Toronto, Ontario: ONE Volleyball is excited to announce its newest partnership with the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) for the second season of the Premier Volleyball League in Toronto, Ontario. The OVA’s support marks a profound step forward in the development of elite volleyball in Canada.

"Ontario Volleyball is excited to partner with ONE Volleyball. This partnership will support showcasing elite volleyball in the GTA through the Premier League this upcoming summer. Through their tireless work, Jolande and Jaki of ONE Volleyball are helping to raise the profile of our sport. Ontario Volleyball is looking forward to working with them to continue to provide leadership in the growth and development of volleyball for all Ontarians,” says Jo-Anne Ljubicic, Executive Director of the OVA.

“Partnering with other sport leaders strengthens our mission to provide elite opportunities for athletes to continue competing. The more people hear about the Premier League, the more accessible it becomes. That enables us to grow the number of athletes competing at the highest level,” says co-founder Jolande Amoraal.

The Premier League kicks off again this summer in Toronto for it’s second season.

About: The Premier League is comprised of four men’s and four women’s elite teams that compete in a league over the course of 2 months, with a final championship at the end. Athletes are drafted to teams through the annual Athlete Draft.

Tickets to the public go on sale May, 2018, visit for more information.


Jolande Amoraal
ONE Volleyball

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With over 40 Canadians competing in Europe right now, we're launching an Athletes Abroad section on our website to keep you connected; upcoming matches, live stream links, match highlights and more. Check out what's happening with your favourite Toronto Premier League athletes, and subscribe below for all future updates! 

Bump and Spike

The Ultimate Thursday Throwback

What do short shorts, sideburns, an NBA star, the founder of Motown records and drugs have in common? The International Volleyball Association (IVA). 


The best part about diving into the culture and history of volleyball in North America is that there's never a shortage of stories in this world.

Wilt Chamberlain had a short stint in the IVA

Wilt Chamberlain had a short stint in the IVA

The IVA had a short, but glorious run in the 70's. It was a co-ed league with 2 women playing defence, and no-one rotated positions. They brought in big guns like Wilt Chamberlain who 'wasn't very mobile but could hit a heavy ball' and athletes were happy to 'catch some skin' of their female counterparts when celebrating a big play. One of the teams was owned by Berry Gordy, founder of Motown records. They even had prizes for a 'six-pack' - packing a female opponent in the face - the guy would get a six-pack of beer for his triumph. In it's final year, players earned up to $12,000.

Sounds like a sure thing right? Turns out one of the teams got busted at half time during a game for their involvement in a big drug ring dubbed 'Operation Spike' by the Colorado Organized Crime Strike Force. After that the whole thing just fell apart. 

But the best part is, you'd be surprised how close to home this hits. You don't have to look very far to find former stars of the league in our own backyard. Rumour has it UofT / Premier League team Unity coach Orest Stanko was once a player, along with Papa George (Shermer) of Beach Blast. 

The whole thing oozes the unpredictability and raciness of the 70's and though the IVA is long gone and mostly forgotten, you can catch a glimpse inside this world in the new short by Michael Jacobs. It airs on TSN's 30 sports moments under 30 minutes, and was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival

Watch the trailer below:

Photos provided by former player Peter Stefaniuk from Canada

Award Winners from 2017 Premier League's #onebash

The incredible inaugural season of the Premier League ended with a bang and the best way to describe it was one big #onelove hug. The end of year #onebash and awards night was held at Dublin Calling in Toronto, and recognized some of the outstanding athletes this year. 

Award winners were selected both by owners and coaches, and were based off individual performances and stats taken throughout the season. 

2017 Award Winners


Best Blocker: Kelly Nyhof - Galaxy
Best Setter: Carla Bradstock - Q2 Sports
Best Libero: Jolande Amoraal - Scarborough Titans
Best Attacker: Stephanie Neville - Galaxy
League MVP: Stephanie Neville - Galaxy

#onelove award: Brooke Lloyd - Unity
Best Cellie: Dianna Craine - Scarborough Titans


Best Blocker: James Battison - Madawaska MadMen
Best Setter: Aleksa Miladonivic - Unity
Best Libero: Erik Mattson - Madawaska MadMen
Best Attacker: Terrell Bramwell - Unity
League MVP: Steve Hunt - Unity

#onelove award: Luke Sim - Unity
Best Pack: Ray Szeto - Madawaska MadMen

ONE Volleyball adapts USAV Libero Serving Rules

Asli Ersozoglu - Q2 Sports

First introduced in the Challenger Series events, the Libero Serving rule has become a staple in ONE Volleyball's programs. The rule was introduced to maximize the use of the players on the limited rosters in the Series. Rosters were originally limited to 8 players to encourage the spread of athletes among teams. The rule was quickly utilized by the players, and not only gave libero's an additional way to impact the game, but to also be on the court defensively for an additional rotation. 

"One of our initiatives as an organization is to be innovative and ensure we are growing the game in unique ways for both our athletes and fans. We adapted the “Libero Serve Rule” from the USAV as we believe it creates more opportunities for all athletes to positively impact the match. We have already seen a huge impact on the service line from our libero's in the first two weeks of the Premier League and are excited to see how this affects key points in matches throughout the season and playoffs!" Says co-founder Jaki Ellis. 

Jolande Amoraal - Scarborough Titans

Bringing the rule into the Premier League was always the intent, and just looking at the stats, the impact these players are having on their teams is huge. The real stat is the number of serves these athletes are going through. While aces are an immediate way to gauge the success of their role as servers, the number of serves shows us the quality, consistency and number of points their team is scoring off that serve.

"Being a libero, I understand the importance of the first contact," Matt McGirr, Unity Volleyball says, "I've always believed consistency is more important than aces. With 3 heavy jump serves already on the team, having a relatively consistent serve with decent pace synergizes well with our aggressive serving strategy. The American Libero serving rule definitely benefits our team and has contributed to our success from the serving line."

Libero service stat leaders:

  • Jolande Amoraal - Titans - 34 serves, 4 aces, 5 errors
  • Matt McGirr - Unity - 33 serves, 2 aces, 6 errors
  • Asli Ersozoglu - Q2 Sports - 17 serves, 1 error
  • Dave Hamilton - ONE - 7 serves, 1 error

Terrel Bramwell leads the league in total number of serves at 39, and total number of aces at 9, with only 6 errors. 


A rotational fault is committed when a Libero serves in a second rotation position in the same set.

a. The Libero may not block or attempt to block.
b. In one rotation, a Libero may serve after replacing the player in position 1.

USAV In one rotation, a Libero can replace the player in position 1 and serve the next rally, even if s/he is already on the court in replacement of another player. In this situation, the Libero does not have to exit the court before replacing the player in position 1, and there does not need to be a completed rally between Libero replacements.

Maggie Morrison featured in Chronicle Herald

Former Dalhousie Tigers women’s volleyball player Maggie Morrison is set to compete in the upstart Canadian Premier Volleyball League.

Former Dalhousie Tigers women’s volleyball player Maggie Morrison is set to compete in the upstart Canadian Premier Volleyball League.

June 16, 2017

MAGGIE MORRISON travelled across the world for her dream, so a jaunt out to Toronto hardly seemed like a big deal.

With a five-year career with the Dalhousie Tigers (2005-10) and a one-year professional stint in Italy, the Cape Breton native has criss-crossed her way around the world via her skills at the net.

Now the middle-blocker’s latest spike finds her in southern Ontario, set to compete in the upstart Premier Volleyball League (PVL) — a domestic professional setting for Canadians that includes a modest two-month schedule and four-team league.

The flame is still flickering for the 29-year-old’s individual dream, but greater things could be ahead for the sport in Canada should Morrison sacrifice now, she said.

“Everyone at one point in time has been a part of the conversation of making something more of volleyball within Canada, but no one really stepped up to the plate,” said Morrison, who competes with Galaxy Volleyball against Unity Volleyball, Q Sports and the Scarborough Titans.

“I’m happy to be part of this league but a part of me also wishes I had as much gumption as the two ladies who started this league."