ONE Volleyball was founded to provide professional and innovative training and competition opportunities to elite post-secondary athletes in Canada.

Our mission is to establish the first-ever professional volleyball league in Canada - the Premier League

Co-founders Jaki and Jolande have combined experience playing Professional and National Team volleyball, as well as professionally working within a number of Provincial, National and Professional sport associations for more than 10 years..

Within 2 weeks of announcing the 2017 Premier League on social media, this video had over 14,000 views nation-wide.

In this brief:

1. What can we do for you?

2. Our 2017 Reach & 2018 Expected Reach

3. How to get the most out of this partnership

4. Exposure Opportunities

5. Collateral Samples

 The winning women's team receives their ONE Volleyball tank at the end of a Challenger Series Tournament.

The winning women's team receives their ONE Volleyball tank at the end of a Challenger Series Tournament.

What can we do together?

Through our Challenger Series and the Premier League, we believe there is an opportunity to help each other achieve mutual success Canada-wide - not only during the summer with the Premier League, but all year round with the addition of the Challenger Series. 

We are introducing a new expectation of play in Canada which not only includes developing a professional league, but also introducing the Molten Flistatec as the best resource for future volleyball in Canada, and adding the USAV libero serving rule, all the while highlighting the successful athletes we have here on home soil and encouraging them to be positive leaders and role models within their communities.

This creates a unique opportunity for Molten to enter this wildly untapped market with us (especially with Mikasa partnering with the new NVA in the States). As we partner with popular influencers (such as lululemon, Olympic athletes, and our PSO's and NSO's) we hold the ability to influence purchasing power and product use within our audience, and see rapid growth. 

Together we can help establish volleyball as a professional sport in North America while giving athletes a chance to build a professional career within or outside volleyball, and shaping local hero's for our youth to look up to.

What can we do for you?

ONE Volleyball caters to men and women (approx. 50/50) between the ages of 18-34, and we are major social influencers in our sport community. The majority of our audience and competitors are in the GTA, but we have followers globally tuning in to our programs.

The Premier League 4-year Expansion Plan:
Year 1: Localized league in the GTA
Year 2: Establish localized league in Alberta and/or BC
Year 3: Establish localized league in Quebec and/or Manitoba
Year 4: Expand Toronto Premier League to Regional, full season September-March

Through your involvement in the Premier League, we can help you influence thousands of volleyball enthusiasts nation-wide. 

2018 Premier League unique exposure:

  • 2018 OVA Championships - 50,000 coaches, parents and youth in Ontario go through this event over 4 weekends
    • ONE will have a booth in the vendor hall plus court-side signage on the show court where we will also be hosting a Toronto Premier League showcase match
  • 2018 National Championships - in Alberta where will also be hosting an Alberta Premier League showcase match - exposure details TBD

2017 LEAGUE Actual Reach

95,000 views on league website page
21,000 views on blog pages
1,000,000 + reach through social media
575,000 views on post-game videos
20,000 live-stream views
8 team jerseys (100 athletes) + residual wear
Foot traffic at events: total 2,000

2018 Leagues Expected Reach

150,000 views on league website page
30,000 views on blog pages (featured athletes)
1,500,000 + reach through social media
600,000 views on post-game videos
30,000 live-stream views
8 team jerseys (100 athletes) + residual wear
Foot traffic at events: total 5,000

How to get the most out of this partnership:


Through a partnership with Molten USA we really want to educate the community on why we chose to promote your ball. The best way to activate your involvement with the League is to be there in person. 

Molten Player Entrance: Before you can even see the gym at Ryerson, you see the large hall just outside the gym - spectators enter the first door and athletes keep walking to the second set of doors - the player entrance. Having a Molten Player Entrance (signage / archway) would be a perfect first impression visibility opportunity for your brand.

Athlete Signing: Various athletes will be in a photo op/signing booth every week before matches begin. Having Molten merchandise / product / balls for the athletes to sign and fans to take home with them is a great way to get your brand in their hands.

In-game promotions: The sky is the limit for mid-game promotions: serve to win, dance contest, trivia etc. and you can giveaway product / signed balls etc. Throw branded t-shirts or towels into the crowd, or provide the athletes of the game a prize for a photo opportunity.

PLUS: Take advantage of our professional in-game host on opening night for that extra wow!

Blog: We can feature Canadian athletes playing in the States with your ball. Without it being too much about Molten or even the ball, In the article we can mention this as we highlight the athlete. Our blog is our strongest presence in our community and is what helped catapult our Google relevance and ranking to the #1 spot. 

Social Media Contests and featured athletes: Running promotions through your own accounts during the league and tagging us will not only improve your Google relevance, but it will help you engage with our audience outside of the gym. Post photos of Premier League athletes with the ball in the capture as they accomplish things like; most number of aces, best kill %, most number of digs etc will help to highlight the success of the athletes using your ball. 

Premier League Exposure options

Pre-event visibility:
Press release - league announcement
Ad on league website
Logo on website sponsor board
Social media posts/mentions/backlinks
lululemon athlete draft

Event visibility:
Court-side signage
Gym Entry signage
Tablecloth - main desk x 1
Logo on all jerseys - Premium spot
Speaking Opportunities: Opening Night, Premium Draft Night & Final Four
Logo on tickets/e-tickets
Game MVP Award

Lead Capture:
Option to provide exclusive offers & mid-game promotions for spectators
Booth at events: TBD (waiting on facility approval)

Online visibility:
Logo on all highlight/league footage videos
Social Backlink: Social media post mentions/tags
Facebook event cover *EXCLUSIVE to title sponsor*
Website Backlink: Logo on league page
Blog page: article on brand / product

Advertising Opportunities:
15-second video ad on live-stream
Email Backlink: Ad in league email marketing - Premium spot
Ad on league website

Award Ceremony hand-outs
Athlete Meet & Greet for company
Company volleyball afternoon team builder
Sponsor chooses charity for 50/50 draws
Reserved VIP seating for all league games
Reserved VIP seating for final four

As you consider this partnership, please take a closer look at the Premier League information and collateral samples we have put together for you below. Based on your company objectives, we can explore the options in your package to suit your needs, and focus on your ROI.

League collateral samples:

Sample ID Card

Sample lanyard for ID Card

Sample Instagram post

Sample Court-side sigange

Sample Court-side signage in gym - all games are played at Ryerson University in Toronto