ONE Volleyball was founded to provide professional training and competition opportunities to elite post-secondary athletes in Canada.

Our mission is to establish the first-ever professional volleyball league in Canada - the Premier League

Co-founders Jaki and Jolande have combined experience playing Professional and National Team volleyball, as well as professionally working within a number of Provincial, National and Professional sport associations for more than 10 years.

Opening Night of the Premier League our Facebook Live streaming provided by Volleyball Source had over 20,000 views, reaching over 250,000 people, in addition to over 300 fans purchasing tickets and watching live.

In this brief:

1. What can we do for you?
2. Premier League Event Collateral
3. Our Demographics & Insights
4. Our Values
5. The Premier League

The winning women's team receives their ONE Volleyball tank at the end of a Challenger Series Tournament.

The winning women's team receives their ONE Volleyball tank at the end of a Challenger Series Tournament.

What can we do together?

Through the Premier League, we believe there is an opportunity to help each other achieve mutual success. 

During Premier League matches and social events, we can offer Molson Coors an amazing opportunity to interact with potential customers in your target demographic and enhance the overall experience we are creating for our fans and community. 

Together we can establish volleyball as a professional sport in North America, giving athletes a chance to compete on home soil instead of moving overseas, and creating local Canadian hero's for our youth to look up to.

Opening Night of the Premier League - Team IG vs Team Unity

What can we do for you?

ONE Volleyball caters to men and women (approx. 60/40) between the ages of 18-34, and we are major social influencers in our sport community. The majority of our audience and competitors are in the GTA, but we have followers globally tuning in to our programs.

Through your involvement in the Premier League, we can help you influence thousands of volleyball enthusiasts nation-wide. We believe this an amazing opportunity for Molson Coors to reach increasing numbers of our target market and grow with us as we expand across Canada.

The Premier League 4-year Expansion Plan:
Year 1: Establish Premier league in Toronto
Year 2: Establish Premier league in Quebec and Alberta
Year 3: Establish Premier league in BC and Northern USA, and establish full-year League in Toronto

LEAGUE Expected Reach

50,000 views on league website page
10,000 views on blog pages (featured athletes)
1,000,000 + reach through social media
35,000 views on post-game videos
10,000 live-stream views
8 team jerseys (100 athletes) + residual wear
Email marketing to 500 direct members
Foot traffic at events: approx. 200 + people per event
Final Four weekend 600 + people

PREMIER LEAGUE partnership opportunity


Molson Premier League 

Pre-event visibility:

Press release announcement
Social media posts/mentions/backlinks in every post related to the Premier League

Event visibility/ Lead Capture:

Molson Balcony Bar: branded bar area at Mattamy Athletic Centre which looks over courts, opportunity to interact and sell Molson Coors product at matches and final four championship

Gym Entry signage x 4
Branded Tablecloth - main entry/ticket desk x 1
Logo on all lululemon sponsored jerseys - Premium spot
Speaking Opportunities: Final Four
Photo op at Championship with jumbo cheque for Champions
Molson MVP of the match - opportunity to give product
Mid-game promotions for spectators and opportunities to provide exclusive offers to fans/athletes

Online visibility:
Logo and mentions on all league posts
Backlinks: Social media post mentions/tags
Website Backlink: Logo at top of league pages
Facebook event coverage for all League matches and finals

Advertising Opportunities:
15-second video ad on live-stream x 2 per game, per night
Email Backlink: Ad in league email marketing - Premium logo space on top of league website

Reserved VIP seating x 2 per court for League matches and final four with Molson Coors chair cover
Award Ceremony hand-outs/presentation
Company afternoon team builder with ONE Volleyball athletes


Value of package: $5,000

As you consider this partnership, please take a closer look at the Premier League information and collateral samples we have put together for you below. Based on your company objectives, we can explore the options in your package to suit your needs, and focus on your ROI. Please note that all signage is the financial responsibility of the partner, and must adhere to ONE Volleyball signage guidelines/suppliers.

League collateral samples:

Sample ID Card

Sample Court-side sigange

Sample lanyard for ID Card

Sample Court-side signage in gym - all games are played at Ryerson University in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens

Gym Entrance Banners

Gym Entrance Banners


In addition to the Premier League, ONE Volleyball also runs the Challenger Series - elite one day tournaments with cash prizing - from September to March. Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us to participate in all of our programming year-round, and we would be happy to look at more ways to work together, promote and create opportunities for mutual growth. 

The ONE Volleyball Community

Our audience - gender

Our audience - gender

Our audience - age

Our audience - age

Our audience - geographically our reach extends all over the world

Our audience - geographically our reach extends all over the world

Our audience - by city (more data available)

ONE Volleyball Website Overview

Our expertise in digital marketing and content management has driven our Google relevance from non-existent to the #2 organic Google search result in less than 2 months. Our Alexa rank surpasses world renowned volleyball websites such as Volleywood due to the interest, relevance, uniqueness and high engagement with our content. 

We are currently ranked #27 out of thousands of volleyball websites/blogs on the planet. Source Feedspot. 

January 2017 - June 2017

ONE Volleyball Social Insights

Our very active social media presence is what enables us to be successful this early in our business development. That paired with our partnership with Volleyball Source, we are able to reach thousands of Canadians organically through engaging content.

Post engagement is a success when it is 10% of your reach. As you can see here, our post engagement during the last month was 147% of our reach.

Beach National team athlete Aaron Nusbaum digs a hard ball during a Challenger Series Tournament at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

Beach National team athlete Aaron Nusbaum digs a hard ball during a Challenger Series Tournament at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre


Overview: The Premier league is comprised of 4 elite men's and 4 elite women's teams that play each other twice over the course of 2 months, with a final four weekend championship at the end. 

Athletes apply to be in the draft through the ONE Volleyball league website, and are selected to teams through a closed draft. This draft allows the initial player selection to be fair to all clubs invested in the league. The Lululemon Premier Draft - May 18 - is the public on-site event that announces the teams and drafted players two weeks before the start of the Premier League.

Athletes are not required to pay a fee to play in the Premier League. In Year one, we expect <5% of athletes participating in the league will be paid a salary. In Year two, we expect <10% of athletes will be paid a salary. In Year three, we expect that at least 20% of athletes will be paid a salary. In all contracts we expect that clubs will offer athletes the opportunity to coach and mentor young athletes in their club through camps, clinics and team programs. 

ONE Volleyball Values

While ONE Volleyball will be game changers for professional volleyball in Canada, we also want to be role models that support the education of our Values to athletes in Canada.

We value Consciousness - taking control of our minds, and being in a state of absolute awareness in order to "perform on purpose"; 

We value Strength - conditioning our bodies to physically support our goals and aspirations;

We value Community - our responsibility to fostering the growth of positive role models, leaders and supportive teammates;

And we value Innovation - our dedication and willingness to modernize the sport of volleyball in Canada.

Our well-known philosophy #onelove is our way of encouraging an inclusive volleyball community.  

Our Strategic Value Partners:

Mental Toughness Inc., was founded by former Canadian beach volleyball athlete Kara Zakrzewski. One of ONE Volleyball's founders, Jolande Amoraal, went through MTI's mental toughness training program, which has made a significant impact on her approach to every day life. MTI's training focus is hugely effective and applicable both on and off the court. 

VolleyJump was founded by another former Canadian beach volleyball athlete Reid Hall, who's strength and conditioning program has reached and developed athletes all across the world. He now also works with Elite teams such as the Ontario Blue Jays through his own facility, the Athlete Matrix. 

Aligning ourselves with like-minded partners helps to strengthen and support the integrity of our values, and our vision for professional volleyball in Canada.

We value Consciousness, Strength, Community and Innovation.
— ONE Volleyball
Former professional athlete Eric Simon goes for the roll shot over a big block at a Challenger Series Event.

Former professional athlete Eric Simon goes for the roll shot over a big block at a Challenger Series Event.

You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.
— Mother Theresa