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In this brief:

1. The Premier League Overview
2. How this came to be
3. Our Value System
4. Venue Partnership
5. ONE Volleyball Demographics

Ashley Simac, former member of the Canadian National Team, hammers a ball past the block at a Challenger Series Tournament.

Ashley Simac, former member of the Canadian National Team, hammers a ball past the block at a Challenger Series Tournament.

Premier League Overview

Overview: The Premier league is comprised of 4 elite men's and 4 elite women's teams that play each other twice over the course of 2 months, with a final four weekend championship at the end. 

Athletes apply to be in the Premier Draft (happening May 4, 2017), which allows them to be selected to teams. This draft allows the initial player selection to be fair to all clubs invested in the league. Athletes drafted to teams become Restricted Free Agents, and clubs have the ability to make offers to any player who has applied to the draft.

Athletes will never be required to pay a fee to play in the Premier League. In Year one, we expect <5% of athletes participating in the league will be paid a salary. In Year two, we expect <10% of athletes will be paid a salary. In Year three, we expect that at least 20% of athletes will be paid a salary. In all contracts we expect that clubs will offer athletes the opportunity to coach and mentor young athletes in their club through camps, clinics and team programs. 

Clubs benefit from a shared revenue model, that enables them to profit from their investment in the League through exposure and promotion. 


League Nights:

June 1 – regular season play

June 8 - regular season play

June 15 - regular season play

June 22 - regular season play

July 6 - regular season play

July 13 - regular season play

July 22 - Final Four Championship

Approximate time required:

5:30pm - 10:30pm - regular season play

12:00pm - 10pm - Championship

How this came to be:

ONE Volleyball was founded to provide professional training and competition opportunities to post-secondary athletes.

Canada volleyball made a huge impact at the Olympic Games both on court and in the sand. We finally had a team qualify for indoor, and we qualified 4 teams for beach, which few Countries have ever accomplished. That speaks magnitudes to all the long-term athlete development Volleyball Canada has been pushing for years! We have the athletes, we have the coaches, we have the talent…we are ready for more.

Jaki and Jolande - co-founders of ONE Volleyball - have combined experience playing Professional and National Team volleyball as well as working with Provincial, National and Professional sport associations.

Returning to Canada from overseas competition in 2015, they struggled to find any opportunities in Ontario that provided the same quality, elite experience they had abroad that pushed them as athletes and kept them playing at the edge of their ability. After a few conversations with athletes with similar experiences, they came to understand they were not the only ones, and identified there was a huge gap in the market.

They immediately took action and established ONE Volleyball with the goal of bringing Professional Volleyball to Canada via the Premier League.

ONE Volleyball co-founder Jolande Amoraal in Australia

ONE Volleyball co-founder Jolande Amoraal in Australia

ONE Volleyball co-founder Jaki Ellis playing in Belgium

ONE Volleyball co-founder Jaki Ellis playing in Belgium

Why us?

We want to inspire this generation of athletes that are craving a better volleyball experience. We want inspire young athletes by giving them local heroes to look up to.

We believe we are going to be game-changers for our sport. We want to change the way people view the importance of post-secondary development and what professional volleyball can look like in Canada. We want this succeed so that other athletes don’t face the same frustrations coming out of school or coming back home, and are asking themselves, now what? 

We believe Canada is ready for professional volleyball.

Former professional athlete Aaron Nusbaum digs a hard ball during a Challenger Series Tournament at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

Former professional athlete Aaron Nusbaum digs a hard ball during a Challenger Series Tournament at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

ONE Volleyball Values

While ONE Volleyball will be game changers for professional volleyball in Canada, we also want to be role models that support the education of our Values to athletes in Canada.

We value Consciousness - taking control of our minds, and being in a state of absolute awareness in order to "perform on purpose"; 

We value Strength - conditioning our bodies to physically support our goals and aspirations;

We value Community - our responsibility to fostering the growth of positive role models, leaders and supportive teammates;

And we value Innovation - our dedication and willingness to modernize the sport of volleyball in Canada.

Our well-known philosophy #onelove is our way of encouraging an inclusive volleyball community.  

We will implement our values through strategic partnerships and our Brand Ambassadors (to be announced March 2017).

We value Consciousness, Strength, Community and Innovation.
— ONE Volleyball

Venue Partnership

Our Venue Partner will support the development of professional volleyball in Canada through complimentary access to:

  1. A world-class facility and environment for professional-level competition; and
  2. Seating for spectators that enables an elevated fan experience; and
  3. Access to scoring systems (electronic preferred), facility equipment, sound systems, and Wifi; and
  4. Ability to provide food and beverage (at a cost) to spectators.

Venue Revenue Potential:

In return for the support of the Premier League, our Venue Partner will benefit from the following:

  1. Paid gym time for the Champions League during the same time frame as the Premier League (rate to be negotiated); and
  2. All revenues from food and beverage sales; and
  3. All revenues from parking sales (if applicable); and 
  4. 25% of ticket sales (shared revenue stream with clubs and League).


As a second tier sponsor, the Venue Partner will benefit from these potential options:

  1. Logo on back of all League jerseys
  2. 10-second video ad on live-stream during League games x 2 runs per night
  3. Backlink: Banner ad space on League Website page
  4. Backlink: ad in email marketing - every email sent regarding the League
  5. Social backlink: Social media post location tags for every post regarding the League
  6. Option to set up booth at League games for lead capture
  7. 4 Reserved VIP seating for all League games
  8. 4 Reserved VIP seating for Final Four Weekend
  9. Athlete meet and greet for company at Final Four Weekend

ONE Volleyball Social Insights

Our very active social media presence is what enables us to be successful this early in our business development. That paired with our partnership with Volleyball Source, we are able to reach thousands of Canadians organically through engaging content. Our expertise in digital marketing and content management has driven our Google relevance from non-existent to the #2 organic Google search result in less than 2 months. Our Alexa rank surpasses world renowned websites such as 'Volleywood' due to the interest, uniquness and high engagement with our content. 

We are currently ranked #27 out of thousands of volleyball websites/blogs on the planet. Source Feedspot. 

Women's final from Challenger no.2 - 1,700+ views

Challenger no.1 final was live-streamed through YouTube

Post engagement is a success when it is 10% of your reach. As you can see here, our post engagement after Challenger no.1 was 110% of our reach.

Men's final from Challenger no.2 - 2,200+ views

Our social media presence through ONE and Volleyball Source combines for thousands of people tuning in to see our athletes and programs.

ONE Volleyball Website Overview

Our website visits since launching in November 2016

ONE Volleyball Demographics

Audience - gender

Audience - gender

Audience - age

Audience - age

Our audience is global - majority from Toronto

Our audience is global - majority from Toronto

Our audience by City

Our audience by City

Our Athletes

Currently competing in Challenger Series events:

Former Professional Athletes: 43
Former National Team Athletes: 11
Former University (CIS/NCAA) Athletes: 89
Former College (CCAA/NCAA) Athletes: 75

Our athletes - by geo-location