ONE Volleyball was founded to provide professional and innovative training and competition opportunities to elite post-secondary athletes in Canada.

Our mission is to establish the first-ever professional volleyball league in Canada - the Premier League

Co-founders Jaki and Jolande have combined experience playing Professional and National Team volleyball, as well as professionally working within a number of Provincial, National and Professional sport associations for more than 10 years..

Within 1 week of announcing the 2017 Premier League on social media, this video had over 14,000 views nation-wide. Other league videos received upwards of 750,000 views.

In this brief:

1. What can we do together?

2. Our 2017 Reach & 2018 Expected Reach

3. What can we do for you? 

4. Partnership Opportunities

5. Collateral Samples

Errea has already made an impact through their relationship with Unity Volleyball Club and their women's team Unity Reign.

Errea has already made an impact through their relationship with Unity Volleyball Club and their women's team Unity Reign.

What can we do together?

Through our Challenger Series and the Premier League, there is an opportunity to achieve mutual success Canada-wide, all year round. 

We are shifting the mindset and culture of volleyball in Canada, and working with our National (NSO) and Provincial (PSO) sport bodies to create influence on a national scale. 

One of our strategic objectives for Year 2 is to increase the number of youth athletes in our fan base, and their participation in our promotions. With the league ending in July, this creates a unique opportunity for Errea to be fresh in the minds of potential club clients for team sales and benefit from our activations as a sponsor.

2018 ONE Volleyball Additional Unique Exposure Opportunities:

  • 2018 OVA Championships - 80,000 coaches, parents and youth in Ontario go through this event over 4 weekends
    • ONE will have a booth in the vendor hall plus court-side signage on the show court where we will also be hosting a Toronto Premier League showcase match
  • 2018 National Championships in Alberta - booth in vendor hall
  • 2018 Alberta Championships - Confirmed at event, details TBD

Our reach:

2017 Actual Reach

95,000 views on league website page
21,000 views on blog pages
1,000,000 + reach through social media
575,000 views on post-game videos
20,000 live-stream views
8 team jerseys (100 athletes) + residual wear
Foot traffic at events: total 2,000

2018 Expected Reach

250,000 views on league website page
50,000 views on blog pages (featured athletes)
2,500,000 + reach through social media
1,000,000 views on post-game videos
50,000 live-stream views
16 team jerseys (200 athletes) + residual wear
Foot traffic at events: total 6,000

2019 Expected Reach

500,000 views on league website page
75,000 views on blog pages (featured athletes)
3,500,000 + reach through social media
1,500,000 views on post-game videos
150,000 live-stream views
32 team jerseys (400 athletes) + residual wear
Foot traffic at events: total 15,000

What can we do for you?


Break into the Canadian market with one of the fastest growing and highly recognized elite Volleyball brands in Canada. Join us on our journey as we expand across the country and continue to grow.  

ONE Volleyball Growth Model:
2017: Premier League in Toronto and Ontario Challenger Series
2018: Establish Premier League in Alberta, Canada
2019: Establish Premier League in Manitoba or British Columbia, potential addition of 2 teams in Toronto Premier League
2020: Establish Premier League in 4th Province (Manitoba or BC), Goal is to create a Premier League Cup with all Provinces

Apparel Partner

Errea Premier Skills Clinics
Exposure at OVA youth clinics with our pro athletes prior to league matches every week (x7)
Opportunity to brand kids apparel (ONE Volleyball will incorporate cost into registration fee at a discounted price)
Exclusive e-mail opportunity to Club owners

Ontario Volleyball Championships
Co-branded Backwall of Booth at all four Championships Weekends (over 80,000 athletes, parents attend over April)
Opportunity to brand volunteer shirts and branded jerseys for Premier League Showcase matches (two matches - 1 mens and 1 womens) at Errea expense
Highlight partnership in live stream commentary at 18U Championship Event (commentary done by ONE Volleyball)
Opportunity for Giveaways
Exclusive season's pass purchaser email offer  

Errea would be the exclusive uniform partner of the Premier League
The League will mandate that any gear warm on court during warm up or official competition is Errea exclusively (outside of accessories including knee pads/shoes/socks)

Online Visibility
Press release - League announcement
Logo on website sponsor board
Social media posts/mentions/backlinks
Blog page: article on brand / product
Logo on all highlight/league footage videos
Presenting Sponsor of the Athlete Draft Night; includes Facebook event page, video highlights, signage

Event visibility:
A-Frame Court Side Signage
All On-Court apparel exclusive to Errea
Speaking Opportunities: (example; Opening Night, Premium Draft Night & Final Four)
Logo on tickets/e-tickets (season passes)
In-Game Promos and/or post game award winners
Option to provide exclusive offers for spectators
4 Reserved VIP Seats for Premier Cup Finals
Discounted Premier League match ticket with Errea discount code

Advertising Opportunities:
15-second video ad on live-stream
Email Backlink: Ad in league email marketing
Premium advertising spot on league website

Challenger Series Tournament Exposure
Provide teams with opportunity to purchase Errea jerseys at a preferred rate
(Jerseys are mandated for the Challenger Series competition)

Errea would provide;

16 Sets of Team Apparel
Toronto: 4 sets for men, 4 sets for women
Calgary: 4 sets for men, 4 sets for women
A Set consists of;
14 jerseys (12 colour and 2 libero)
12 shorts
12 Cotton Warm Up Shirt
2 Coaching Staff Shirts

  • Preferred price on all additional apparel for Premier League teams
  • Merchandise of your choice for In-Game promos and prize giveaways
  • Preferred Jersey Rate to ONE Volleyball for Challenger Series jersey purchases


Unity Reign representing Errea across North America

Unity Reign wins GOLD at tournament in Michigan, USA. 

You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.
— Mother Theresa