The lululemon Premier Draft is comprised of two events:

  1. Closed Draft - where teams select their players MAY 16, 2017
  2. Draft Announcement - live public announcement MAY 18, 2017

Athletes wishing to participate in the Premier League must apply to be drafted to a team (below). Athletes will be notified on May 16 after a closed athlete draft selection if they have been drafted to a team. All drafted athletes are required to be at the Draft Announcement in Toronto on May 18 at lululemon - 318 Queen Street.

Last day to register for the draft: May 8, 2017

Apply to the lululemon Premier Draft

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By participating in the league you agree to make yourself available for the following dates. Additional practice times (one 2-hour practice per week) will be arranged by your team. And hey, we totally get that you may have a wedding scheduled one weekend, or emergencies come up. It's hard to plan ahead, but note that teams have the right to select players based on their availability. All athletes will be required to sign contracts and pay a $300 deposit, which will be paid back in full, so long as the athlete fulfils their commitments to the team. They're really simple and aren't meant to intimidate you, but we are building a professional volleyball program so we take this seriously, and hope you will too. Please indicate all the dates you are available to participate in League activities.
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Playing History
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Draft Assets
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Market Research
Thanks for answering a few short questions for our sponsors. These companies support our vision for professional volleyball in Canada so we believe answering a few short questions is the least we can do. We super appreciate your support to this and future survey's in the future. :)
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Terms of Draft *
By applying to the Lululemon Premier Draft, you agree that the information given here is true to the best of your knowledge, and that you are giving your notice of intent to play for the league. Athletes have the right to decline an offer from a team, however once they refuse an offer, they forfeit the opportunity to play in the Premier League in 2017. Athletes are required to pay a deposit to their team upon signing of no more than $300, which will be returned to them in full once their contractual obligations have been fulfilled. If an athlete wishes to withdraw their name from the Draft, they must notify ONE Volleyball in writing prior to May 15, 2017. We're all about #onelove, so don't worry, your personal information will not be sold or distributed to third parties.