Premier League

Club information package

Within 2 weeks of announcing the Premier League via this video, it saw over 14,000 views and reached over 40,000 people on social media alone.  

"The PRemier League is the beginning of professional volleyball in Canada. It will establish a legacy that will be remembered past our time."

Beach National Team athlete Aaron Nusbaum passes the ball at Challenger Series Event no.1 at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

How this came to be:

ONE Volleyball was founded to provide professional training and competition opportunities to elite post-secondary athletes.

Our vision is to establish the first-ever professional volleyball league in Canada - the Premier League. To support our vision, we created the Challenger Series - three one-day tournaments - that has formed a network of partners and athletes that will sustain the League.

Why us?

Co-founders Jaki and Jolande have combined experience playing Professional and National Team volleyball as well as working within Provincial, National and Professional sport associations.

We want to inspire this generation of athletes that are craving a better volleyball experience. We want inspire young athletes by giving them local heroes to look up to.

We are going to be game-changers for our sport. We will change the way people view the importance of post-secondary development and what professional volleyball will look like in Canada. We want to see this succeed so that other athletes don’t face the same frustrations coming out of school or coming back home, and are asking themselves, now what? 

North America is ready for professional volleyball. Canada is ready for professional volleyball.

Co-founder Jaki Ellis, playing in Belgium

Co-founder Jolande Amoraal, playing in Australia

Our vision for the Club:

The League can be a revenue generator for your club. Just like your youth teams generate revenue through a model you have created, your League team will generate revenue through a sponsorship based revenue stream.

The League provides the Club three possible revenue streams; shared revenues with the League, club sponsorship and affinity (player retention). 

Shared Revenues: Clubs will benefit from shared ticket and merchandise sales. We are completely transparent about our expectations so in the first year, we don't anticipate a large return through this stream. But the more you promote the games to your club and community, the better your return will become. 

Club sponsorship: Being a part of the Premier League is a unique opportunity for you to take advantage of sponsorship driven revenue. We have built a great product that is getting a lot of attention, and you can benefit. Once your costs are covered, the sky is the limit in terms of how much revenue you can generate. In the youth pay to play system, you would have to raise fees or cut costs to raise revenues, but the League gives you endless opportunity to generate extra revenue for your club.

Affinity: By uniting the League with Clubs we are bridging the gap between youth and pro athletes, and giving them a fan/loyalty experience with the pro athletes in that club. ie. Steve Hunt plays for my club! Loyalty programs are an extremely successful way to retain business (ie. players), and build hype around your programming. Club athletes are going to look up to the "pro" athletes in your club and be inspired by them and because of that, want to be associated with those athletes, thus increasing their loyalty to you. We know quality coaches are in short supply, and so this is also a great way to establish relationships and loyalties with the Pro players on your team as well, and utilize them as coaches in your club. 

The Opportunity:

1. Shared Revenue Model

The Premier league is being built with a shared revenue backbone, following examples such as the NLL and NHL. As an early adopter to the League, you are gaining first right of refusal to gain access to this program**. In the event a club does not wish to continue in the league the following season, their spot will go to a closed bid.

**Club’s must meet their contract obligations in order to retain first right of refusal.

Clubs are entitled to 25% (split between each team) of shared revenue streams, which include but are not limited to*:

  • Ticket sales
  • League Merchandise

*Additional revenue streams may be added depending on venue restrictions ie. food and beverage, tv contracts.

Any prize money won by the Club through the League pays out 50% directly to the athletes as a contract bonus - split evenly between all athletes.

As we gain access to media exposure, TV time, and increased visibility, the club has the opportunity to financially benefit on top of the shared revenue model from the success of the league through their own club sponsorship.

2. Club sponsorship revenue

Clubs may use the success and visibility of the league to solicit club sponsorships for their team.

Clubs will be given league statistics and analytics prior to the first season, as well at the end of every season, to use to acquire club sponsorship.

Clubs will be required to submit an account of all sponsorships, and athlete compensations at the end of each League season. Clubs will be required to use a portion of club-solicited sponsorship as compensation for the athletes. A compensation scale will be provided to you by the League.

Club sponsorship must be approved by the League, so that any sponsorships do not directly conflict with League sponsors that fall under non-compete contracts.

The winning team in the women's division tries on their ONE Volleyball tanks, and also took home $1,000 cash.

Premier Draft Selection Night: May 16, 2017
Location: lululemon 318 Queen West
Time: 6pm start

Lululemon Premier Draft Night: May 18, 2017
Location: lululemon 318 Queen West
Time: 5:30pm athletes & coaches arrive/social/food/photos
6:30pm: the Legacy coaching session with athletes
7:00 VIP/media arrive
7:15 draft announcement

The Athlete Draft: Clubs in the league will be given equal opportunity to select a roster of athletes through the Premier Draft. The order of draft selection will be chosen at random and announced at the draft. Club will have access to the list of athletes online prior to the draft night in order to strategize their draft picks.

Club rosters are limited to 12 players. Once a club stops accepting draft picks in a given round, they are no longer able to select any additional draft picks. The club at this point has capped their roster. Clubs are only able to select athletes through the draft. No outside athletes will be considered.

Athlete compensation, notice of intent and trades

Clubs may never require athletes to pay a fee to play for a club in the league. In Year One, athlete compensation is encouraged but not expected.

Year 1 – Athletes who are drafted to a team may not accept offers from any other team in the League in year one. If an athlete chooses to not play for that Club, he/she forfeits their right to play in the League that year, and may re-enter the draft the following year.  

Year 2 – Athletes who competed in the League in year one become Restricted Free Agents. 

Any new athletes entering the league must go through the rookie draft at the start of the season. Rookies enter the draft under a Team Option are not restricted by age.

Salary Cap Guide

The following information is to help club's understand what salary expectations are placed on them moving forward. After Year 1, a club has the first right to make an offer to one of their own players. If the player does not accept, he/she can look at offers from other teams however, if another team makes an offer, the original team may match that offer to retain their player for the following season. This guide provides the cap at which those offers can be made in years 1-3. 

A bonus refers to earnings a club/player makes if they win 1st place in the League, and/or in the event the Club or Club's sponsor gives the team a bonus for winning the League.

Former National Team athlete Ashley Simac hammers a ball past the block at Challenger Series Event no.1 at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

The League:

Title: Premier League

Set up: 4 men’s teams, 4 women’s teams

Prize Money: $2,500 per team - 1st place

Club Entry fee: $2,500 per team

Season: June 6 – July 31, night TBD

Location: Ryerson University - Mattamy Centre


    Club Commitment and ROI

    Club’s 2017 league fee: $2,500 per team

    Practice: Club is expected to provide one 2-hour practice time per week for team training

    Coach: Club is expected to provide a coach for all practices and games, including the Final Four Championship.

    Athlete compensation: Clubs are encouraged to, but not required to compensate athletes in the first year of the League.*

    *Offering paid coaching opportunities to players is a recommended way to increase the value of an offer to an athlete.

    How club’s can increase their ROI:

    1. Actively participate in promotion and exposure for the League, especially when it comes to spectators. The League expects the club to draw spectators from it’s club athletes, families and community to support their team.
    2. Seek out individual club sponsorship.
    3. Hold their own events to promote athletes to their community including meet and greets, clinics, camps, demonstrations etc. Note: athletes are not obligated to participate in events outside the league, and as such compensation may be necessary. Athletes signed to your club are eligible to accept coaching positions at other clubs. Coaching positions can be an incentive (part of the offer) for them to make money while playing for the club, and incentive for the club to utilize the high level athletes now associated with the club.
      • Clubs may include reasonable scheduled commitments outside league play (ie. camps, clinics, meet the athletes) in the contract between the athlete and the club prior to signing. Contracts do not need to be approved by the League however clubs are required to submit all contacts to the League prior to the first league night. Clubs may not require athletes to participate in activities outside of volleyball or League related activities. Please contact ONE Volleyball for questionable activities prior to altering the contracts provided by the League. 
    4. Run an off-season indoor program to keep athletes around the club while Pro athletes practice. 

    Club Sponsorship Guide

    *this guide is to provide you an idea of the assets you can sell to sponsors, and the pricing strategy is our recommendation only based on the program available. You may create your own sponsorship program for your club, and create your own pricing strategy - please contact us if you have any questions.

    Technical Information:

    Game Tape: Game tape for all matches will be provided by ONE Volleyball. All game tape will be available for use through our Youtube Channel no later than 3 days post-match.

    Game Statistics: TBD

    Uniforms: ONE Volleyball has teamed up with Lululemon to supply jersey's for the league. Club's are required to cover the cost of any sponsor logo's printed on the jersey's. Jerseys will adhere to strict colour, logo placement and number protocols in order to meet the demands and interests of our sponsors and partners.

    Athletes will also have access to a team purchasing opportunity on site at the Athlete Draft - May 18 - to purchase anything in store. Teams are required to have matching coloured shorts - they do not have to be Lululemon.

    Equipment: Clubs will have access to a team package with Molten at their local dealer. Clubs are strongly encouraged to practice with the official ball of the Premier League.

    Official Ball: Molten Flistastic

    Referee: Head Referee provided for all matches. Down ref, lines people and scorers provided by host. Note: clubs are not required to host league games.

    Live-streaming: Coverage and streaming provided by VolleyballSource

    Media: VolleyballSource and additional outlets TBD

    Spectators: Tickets will be available for sale on-line as well as in person at the venue. 


    Free Agency Terminology

    Unrestricted free agent: An unrestricted free agent (UFA) is free to sign with any team, though some unrestricted free agents have options on their existing contracts that, if exercised, may impact their choices.

    Team Option: A team option grants the original team the right to keep a player for that year.

    Player Option: A player option grants the player the power to decide whether to stay for another year or become a completely unrestricted free agent. (In either case, if the option is refused, the player is completely unrestricted, free to sign with any team.)

    Early Termination Option: An early termination option gives the player the right to end a signed contract. The option cannot be exercised before the end of the fourth year of an existing contract. If the player declines to exercise the option, he remains with the original team. If the option is exercised, he is free to sign with any team.

    Restricted free agent: A restricted free agent can sign an offer sheet with any team, but the player's original team can retain him by matching the terms of that offer. The original team is said to have the "right of first refusal."