Rating your Team

NEW TEAMS: Your team rating for your first Challenger event are based on an average of the individual experience of your players based on the rating system below.

Senior National Team Player: 4 points
Professional Athlete: 3 points
NEW 2-year Premier League Athlete: 3 points
1-year Premier League Athlete: 2.5 points
University Player: 2 points
College Player: 1 point

Your team's rating moving forward will be the average of your team's individual ratings plus an average of your players individual tournament results for a max team rating of 8.

1st place: 4 points
2nd place: 3 points
3/4 place: 2 points
5/8 place: 1 point

Your individual rating: Is your experience (ie. University player = 2 points) plus your average tournament result (ie. finished 1st in Challenger no.1 = 4 points) for a total of up to 8 points (in our example, your rating would be 6 points). The average of these individual ratings is what we use to determine your teams ranking going into tournaments. Thus, the team ranking is not tied to a team name, allowing players to keep their own person rating and move freely among teams.

Example: Team A enters Challenger no.1 with an average team rating of 2.25, and finishes 2nd. Their rating moving forward is 5.25. The same team finishes 1st in Challenger no.2, and their rating improves to 5.75.