- March 9th 2019 -


Radio Guest list

We’re hosting our final after party of the Challenger Series year - at Radio. If you haven’t been, it’s awesome. Live music, free cover, no line before 11pm with the ONE crew. Sign up below to let us know you’re coming!

*This guest list is not needed to get in the bar, you just say you’re with ONE volleyball at the door however, it’s important we know you’re coming as it allows us to confidently secure these large lists with each club/bar. If we don’t know numbers, we don’t get entry. :) Thanks!

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Women’s Champions: Reign
Finalists: Heat





Men’s Champions: Ze Millers
Finalists: Balkan Bounce

Ze Millers

Ze Millers

Balkan Bounce

Balkan Bounce

Tournament Schedule

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.13.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.13.33 PM.png


Pool Play
40 min games
5 min warm-up
2 games to 25
Cap at 27
Start at 4 points

55 min games
5 min warm-up
Best 2 of 3
Cap at 27
No Cap on 3rd set
Start at 4 points

1 hr 5 min games
10 min warm-up
Best 2 of 3
Cap at 27
No Cap on 3rd set
Start at 4 points

1 hr 20 mins
10 min warm-up
Best 2 of 3
No Cap
Up and down Ref's provided


1 - Galaxy Prime

Felicia Jones
Sam Ainsworth
Thinesa Sritharran
Viv Chan
Nico Serrotore
Andrea Fisher
Kat Jovicic
Alicia Jack

2 - Reign

Jaki Ellis
Steph Neville
Kelly Nyhof
Veronica Livingston
Caroline Livingston
Ashley Simac
Octavia Wong

3 - Inferno

Carla Bradstock
Asli Ersozoglu
Sarah Sutton
Dianna Craine
Caitlin Tam
Danisha Moss
Celeste Witzell
Olivia Kim

4 - Heat

Jolande Amoraal
Landis Doyle
Kris Dowling
Becca Glancy
Emily Betteridge
Andi Price
Danielle Walker
Nicole Collard

5 - Past Our Prime

Kristin Collins
Lorna Button
Becky Zeeman
Sarah Masterton
Katie Neville
Carly Welch
Julie Whitlow

6 - Blue Steel

Maicee Sorensen
Khira Adams
Lauren Stirling
Lauren Mastroluisi
Lauren McClean
Natalie Buck

7 - Rage

Kathryn Hill
Cara Currie
Chrissy Foest
Victoria Golebiowski
Marisa Mota
Brianne Koning
Aleksandra Steins

8 - CISM Women’s Volleyball Canada

Isabelle Moo Sang
Carolyn Pumphrey
Kelsey Chang
Ali Beaver
Kara Stephan
Marianne Pichette
Emma Porter
Norah Collins
Maiyah Russell

Men’s Rosters

1 - Ze Millers

Joren Zeeman
Sander Ratsep
Erik Mattson
Ciaran McGovern
Jordyn Dyck
Niko Rukavina
Dan Rosenbaum
Matt Poulin
Eric Simon

2- Balkan Bounce

Nikola Dimitrijevic
Milan Ristic
Simon Power
Jack Peckham
Matthew McGirr
Jacob Nesbitt
Waylon Chen
Aidan Simone

3 - Bongo Volley

Matthew Powell
Andrew Shotbolt
Alex Turkiewicz
Zach Deacon
Jesse Latendre
Mike Sherbut
Paul Wagner
Joel Van Dyk
Chris Dashford

4 - Ex-Calibur

Griffin Williams
Alex Campagnolo
Reginald McLean
Nate Koopman
Andrew Kretz
Stew Williamson
Raymond Le

5 - The Retired

Kevin Chien
Jeremy Fantin
Kevin Semplonius
Liam Butchereit
Grant Lynch
Darien Haynes
Danny Ly
Andrew Thrope
Spencer Dakin Kuiper

6 - Empire Spikes Back

Andrew Dubé
Alexandre Rioux
Andrew Jones
Abel Shen
Jason Yeung
Joel Howes
Vivek Mathimakki

7 - Balls Deep

Ezekiel Areghan
Taso Ballis
Shayne Roneil
Seyar Karimi
Christopher Chapman
Jordan Saddler
Jake Leslie

8 - Lost & Confused

Ali Somani
Daniel Pappas
Nigel B
Jason Mascol
Shaun Kaye
Dilshan Subasinghe
Brendon Wrana
Brandon Sher


All teams MUST have proper matching uniforms with numbers, and a corresponding libero jersey. 


All matches will have a Referee provided, and teams are required to provide lines persons and score keepers for other matches in their pool. 

Refund Policy:

Teams wishing to withdraw their entry before the early bird deadline. Teams withdrawing after the early bird deadline will not receive a refund.  

Official ball

Molten Flistatec


Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre


875 Morningside Ave, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7


(416) 283-5222



Men's Elite (max 10 teams)
Women's Elite (max 10 teams)


Teams are rated based on previous Challenger Series results and individual experience. Any new teams will be rated based on individual experience. 

ONE Volleyball reserves the right to accept teams based on their experience in order to preserve an elite competition environment.


Total tournament purse: $2,000

1st place in each division: $660
2nd place in each division: $340

Prize money is based on 8 teams or more in each division. 


All NEW athletes must sign the online waiver prior to playing in the tournament. Athletes only need to sign this once for all ONE Volleyball events in 2019.


Early bird: $340/team ends February 18th, 2019

Entry Fee: $380/team
Deadline to register: March 4th, 2019 at midnight


Full team rosters must be submitted by the tournament registration deadline. 

Roster size is limited to 10 athletes.

Payment options:

Registrants may either pay by credit card online via our REGISTER button (subject to a 6% merchant processing fee), or e-transfer standard entry fee to

Payments must be received in full before the deadline in order to participate in the event. 


Payment must be made in full prior to registration deadline, midnight of March 4th, 2019. 


Volleyball Canada rules apply, with the addition of the USAV serving rule for Libero's (see below), and unlimited subs. Teams may dress and use 2 libero's per match.

The ceiling is in play - if the ball touches the ceiling on your side of the court, you may continue playing it. The ceiling is NOT out of bounds. 

Libero Serving Rule

ONE Volleyball has adapted the USAV serving rule for libero's.

Basic overview: The libero may serve for one athlete only in a set, and does not have to exit the court for a rally after leaving position 5, to go and serve in position 1.

The libero may, but is not required to serve for that athlete in all subsequent rotations. 

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