- January 5, 2019 -




3 pools of 3 teams
2 matches to 25, start at 4 points, cap at 27

Re-pooled into power pools (top 3, middle 3, bottom 3)
2 matches to 25, start at 4 points, cap at 27


Best 3/5 matches to 15 points, side out scoring at 14

Finals: Best 3/5 match to 15 points, side out scoring at 14



All teams MUST have proper matching uniforms with numbers, and a corresponding libero jersey. 


All matches will have a Referee provided, and teams are required to provide lines persons and score keepers for other matches in their pool. 

Refund Policy:

Teams wishing to withdraw their entry before December 15th will receive a full refund. Teams withdrawing after December 13th will not receive a refund.  

Official ball

Molten Flistatec


Markham Pan Am Sports Centre


16 Main St Unionville, Unionville, ON L3R 2E4


(905) 475-4730



Men's Elite (max 12 teams)
Women's Elite (max 12 teams)


Teams are rated based on an average of your teams' individual experience.  

ONE Volleyball reserves the right to accept teams based on their experience in order to preserve an elite competition environment.


Total tournament purse: $2,000

1st place in each division: $660
2nd place in each division: $340

Prize money is based on 9 teams or more in each division. 


All NEW athletes must sign the online waiver prior to playing in the tournament. Athletes only need to sign this once for all ONE Volleyball events in 2019.


Early bird: $340/team ends December 15, 2018

Entry Fee: $380/team
Deadline to register: December 23, 2018 at midnight

Please note: this is an invitational event. ONE Volleyball reserves the right to accept or refuse teams based on remaining entries available after invitations have been accepted (see timeline above). Please contact us if you have any questions about this process.


Full team rosters must be submitted by the tournament registration deadline. 

Roster size is unlimited.

Athletes must have competed in 1 pool play match on Saturday in order to be eligible to play on Sunday.

Payment options:

Registrants may either pay by credit card online via our REGISTER button (subject to a 6% merchant processing fee), or e-transfer standard entry fee to

Payments must be received in full before the deadline in order to participate in the event. 


Payment must be made in full prior to registration deadline, midnight of December 23, 2018. 


Volleyball Canada rules apply, with the addition of the USAV serving rule for Libero's (see below), and unlimited subs. Teams may dress and use 2 libero's per match.

Libero Serving Rule

ONE Volleyball has adapted the USAV serving rule for libero's.

Basic overview: The libero may serve for one athlete only in a set, and does not have to exit the court for a rally after leaving position 5, to go and serve in position 1.

The libero may, but is not required to serve for that athlete in all subsequent rotations. 

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