- October 26th 2019 -


Official Challenger Season kick-off Party

Location: Beaches Brewing Company
953 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H7

An owner of one of the Premier League teams, the Beaches Brewhouse has recently opened for business! Drinks, food, DJ - closes at 2am.



Men's Elite
Women's Elite


Total tournament purse: $2,000

1st place in each division: $660
2nd place in each division: $340

Prize money is based on 8 teams or more in each division. 


All teams MUST have proper matching uniforms with numbers, and a corresponding libero jersey. 

Any team not wearing a proper set of jerseys (no mis-matched sets) will not be permitted to play and any teams they face in the draw will receive a walk-over. Teams that encounter this will not receive a refund for their entry fee. T-shirt jerseys are available to purchase or rent from ONE Volleyball.


All matches will have a Referee provided, and teams are required to provide lines persons and score keepers for other matches in their pool. 


Molten Flistatec


All athletes must sign the online waiver prior to playing in the tournament. Athletes only need to sign this once for all ONE VOLLEYBALL events in 2019, and again in 2020. If you signed one for any of our previous events this year, you are good until the following year.


Pool Play
5 min warm-up
2 games to 25
Cap at 27
Start at 4 points
40 min games

Quarters, Semis & Finals
5 min warm-up
Best 2 of 3
All games to 15, but @ 14 scoring switches to side-out scoring
No Cap

Libero Serving Rule

As rosters are limited to 8 athletes in this event, we will be adapting the USAV serving rule for libero's.

Basic overview: The libero may serve for one athlete only in a set, and does not have to exit the court for a rally after leaving position 5, to go and serve in position 1.

The libero may, but is not required to serve for that athlete in all subsequent rotations. 


Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre


875 Morningside Ave, Toronto ON M1C 0C7


(416) 283-5222