Featured Challenger Series Competitor: Eric Simon

We are so excited to tell you that Eric Simon will be competing January 7th in the first Challenger Event! After a successful University career at Western University (he argues the 'greatest' University ever), he went on to play Division 1 in Sweden as a professional athlete. 

Want to get to know Eric Simon a little better?

Here are 3 things he can't live without:




Club: Forest City Volleyball Club in London, Ontario
University: Western University
Professional Team: Tierp VBK in Sweden

Who were key role models for you in this sport?

Over the course of playing I would say I had 3 major role models. First would be Paul Duerden. He won numerous "best attacker in the world" titles. He actually went to my high school before me and is a huge local legend in London. 

The next would be Pete Sidler. He was a graduating player from Western before I came in as a rookie. I watched him most of his last year and he kind of took me under his wing during the summer I was going in to Western.

Last would be Rob Atkinson. He was my Forest City coach, he taught me so much about passion for the game and how to mentally approach volleyball.

At what moment did you decide Volleyball was your sport?

I knew I wanted to strictly play volleyball since my first year playing club in grade 9. I just had so much fun going to practice and the teammates I had are still some of my best friends today. It was a no political bull&$% sport, just a bunch of buds playing volleyball.

It seems like you stopped playing for a while, what happened?

I stopped playing because my shoulder began to fall apart. Towards the end of my last season playing in Sweden it was painful swinging on balls. I eventually ended up getting shoulder surgery in 2014. Had it not been for that I would have loved to continue playing in Europe.