LIONHEART releases video on ONE Volleyball

You learned a bit about ONE Volleyball in a recent "WHO IS ONE?" post, but that was just a preview into who's behind the new organization making waves in the volleyball scene.

The real question is "WHAT ARE THEY DOING?" Lionheart is dedicated to promoting people who make this sport great, and they have that covered. 

Check out Lionheart's recent promo video on ONE Volleyball here!

Want to get involved? The first Challenger Series event is almost full, (we are still taking female athletes) but there are still two more Challenger events you can participate in!

Part of our mission to bring elite players who are out of the loop, back in. We have a roster of high quality players looking to get on a team, and we are here to help you connect. If you're interested, send us your name, position, a brief history of where you played, and what events you're interested in and we will help connect you with similar-calibre players.

Get back in the game!