Sarah Pavan Applies for Toronto Premier League Draft

The Toronto Premier League is ecstatic to announce that volleyball superstar Sarah Pavan has officially entered her application for the 2018 Toronto Premier League Draft. The Canadian athlete is one of the top international players of our time, and with her family future in mind, she's decided to step back from her Beach successes to settle down in Toronto.


Sarah is an internationally stud. She left a mark at The University of Nebraska where she lead her team to an NCAA Title and was named Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA tournament. Following her standout University career, Sarah went on to compete professionally throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

Sarah was the youngest athlete EVER to have competed on the Canadian Women's National Indoor Team at the early age of 16 before deciding to move her career to the Beach to pursue her Olympic dreams. The whole volleyball community had the opportunity to come together and cheer on the team of Pavan / Bansley at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where they went on to finish 5th on the Olympic Stage. 

Melissa Humana-Paredes (left) and Sarah Pavan (right) win Canada's first FIVB World Tour title at the Porec Major in Croatia

Melissa Humana-Paredes (left) and Sarah Pavan (right) win Canada's first FIVB World Tour title at the Porec Major in Croatia

Since the 2016 Olympics, Sarah and her new partner Melissa Humana-Paredes, have had outstanding results on the Beach Tour. The most successful women's beach team in Canadian history, Sarah and Melissa became the first to win Gold at an FIVB Major event, on Canada Day none the less. Despite their successes, Sarah confesses she is excited about what is happening in Toronto and wants to play a role in the Premier League. 

"My true love of the game lies with the Indoor Game. I see an opportunity to settle and start my family in Toronto while helping to establish the first Professional League within Canada. The Toronto Premier League is a great step for the Indoor Volleyball Community and I am excited to support their growth and get back on the hard court." says Sarah.

So, the real question is,