Featured Challenger Series Competitor: Carla Bradstock

Numerous articles have been circulating recently regarding why athletes are some of the best potential hires for your company. With the ability to work well within teams, tenacity and a strong work ethic, many of the traits transfer seamlessly between achieving athletic goals and setting and achieving goals in business. But actions always speak louder than words, and Carla Bradstock is a perfect example of how sport has helped her to excel in the business world.

Club: Air Attack Volleyball Club (BC)
University: University of British Columbia
Professional: Sollentuna, Sweden; Linz, Austria; Baku, Azerbaijan
Team Canada: 2008-2011

Carla was born into a family of volleyball players. From a young age, her mom taught Carla and her sister how to play in the backyard. “We used to pretend we were from different countries and would dress up and play 1-on-1.” She completed her post-secondary at the University of British Columbia, following in the footsteps of her parents who both competed at UBC. She won a CIS National Title with the team and was selected as MVP at the Championship tournament. Carla went on to compete professionally in Sweden, Austria and Azerbaijan, and at several international events including Pan Am Games, FISU Games and World Championships for our Senior Women’s National team.

After retiring from the volleyball world, Carla went on to pursue her career in marketing, working for an agency in BC. About six months in, she realized there was an opportunity for her to create something of her own. It’s been about four years since Carla founded her company, Performance Fundraising, which helps major Not-For-Profit Organizations with sustainable funding. “Looking back at my personality and my role in teams and work environments, it is so obvious to me that I was entrepreneurial all along, but it wasn't on my radar before. When I saw the opportunity in the Marketing/Fundraising industry to make a meaningful impact, it was an easy decision to start my business.”

Carla embodies many traits that have led to her success in both volleyball and the business world. One of the biggest attributes to her success has been her insatiable desire to learn and be the best at anything she tries. She has successfully grown her company across Canada, moving to multiple cities to open new locations. Sport has helped to shape Carla's business approach, and has taught her that “Everyone has different strengths, so learning to utilize people's strengths and put them in situations to minimize their shortcomings makes all the difference.”

Starting your own company doesn't come without it's setbacks and doubts. When moving into a new and unfamiliar markets, there is always some doubt of finding success there, but a fearless leader, Carla knows that "action always kills fear and being persistent always yielded positive results." Currently residing in Toronto, she has found it be one of the more difficult markets to break into. But her strategic thinking and ability to analyze situations has helped in achieving success here.

Carla loves having the opportunity to say involved in the volleyball community to stay active, compete and because of the social environment of the sport. She also loves to give back to the sport which has shaped who she is through guest coaching with the University of Toronto. You can watch Carla compete this coming Saturday, February 18th at McMaster, in ONE Volleyball's Challenger Series No 2.